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An Elder Scrolls Online Lore Primer for Noobs

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Place Names

Nirn - The planet on which all Elder Scrolls games take place. It is the center of the plane of Mundus, and the eight planets are believed to orbit around it. Nirn has two moons - Masser, the big one, and Secunda, the small one.

Elder Scrolls Online Lore Primer - place namesOblivion - a plane of existence lying between Mundus and the Aetherium, the plane where the Aedra exist. Oblivion is home of the Daedra and the Daedric Princes, who have constructed their own realms within the plane of Oblivion.

Coldharbour - the realm of Daedric Prince Molag Bal. It is essentially a copy of Nirn, including physical features like the White Gold Tower, but filled with desecration and destruction.

Tamriel - The continent where all the action takes place. Tamriel consists of nine provinces:

  • Cyrodiil - the central province, home of the Imperials and the location of all of TESO's PvP. Setting of TES IV: Oblivion
  • High Rock - northwestern province, home of the Bretons; also the location of the city-state of Orsinium, home of the Orcs
  • Hammerfell - northwestern province, home of the Redguards. Setting of TES II: Daggerfall
  • Skyrim - north-central province, home of the Nords. Setting of TES V: Skyrim
  • Morrowind - northeastern province, home of the Dunmer. Setting of TES III: Morrowind
  • Black Marsh - eastern province, home of the Argonians. Ground zero of the pandemic Knahaten Flu
  • Elsweyr - southeastern province, home of the Khajiit. Consists of desert in the north and jungles in the south.
  • Valenwood - southwestern province, home of the Bosmer. Largely uninhabited rainforest.
  • Summerset Isles - a pair of islands located off the southwest coast of Tamriel, home of the Altmer.

White Gold Tower - The central structure of the Imperial Palace in Imperial City, Cyrodiil. Location of the Ruby Throne, the seat of the Emperor.

Heads-up: TES II: Daggerfall featured High Rock as well as Hammerfell. Matter of fact, Daggerfall is a major city in High Rock. This new feature allows you to spend those extra justice, valor, honor, or conquest points to upgrade the gear that you really need to keep, but want it to be a bit better.

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