EQ2 Server Merge Perspective

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Our take on the EverQuest 2 server merges

Dramatic news has rippled across the EverQuest 2 playerbase. Like a kid smacking together 2 different colors of play-do, many of the lower population servers are being merged together. How will it pan out? Nobody is sure but it affects the psychology and morale of the players. Savanja takes a look at the merge and what it means:

The benefits that I can see from this radical decision seem obvious to me, and I gather these points were on the minds of the EQ2 “Gods” when they were contemplating the shake up of the entire playerbase. I’m certain that this was not an easy decision for the developers to come to, as they had to have known that people would generally freak out at this kind of news. And quite honestly, nothing is scarier than a angry gamer.

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