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D&D Monsters of Neverwinter, Part 1: The Staples

Ogres, Trolls and Other Giants

Staple D&D Monsters of Neverwinter - Ogres

At later levels, seasoned adventuring groups need bigger challenges. Ogres are essentially upscaled orcs - bigger, yes, but without any particularly noteworthy special abilities, other than those related to sheer size. Trolls are rather more challenging, as large as ogres but able to regenerate Hit Points and uniquely vulnerable to fire and acid. Oni are a semi-new addition to the lineup, mixing the large size of a giant-kin with magic powers (and more or less replacing the Ogre Mage of older editions). Actual giants - Hill Giants, Fire Giants and Storm Giants - are somewhat less noble in bearing in 4th Edition rules than they were depicted in previous editions (for example, Storm Giants are now Evil instead of Chaotic Good). They now seem to embody elemental fury, and have all become behemoth rage-monsters.

Staple D&D Monsters of Neverwinter - Trolls

Giants are mentioned in Greek and Norse mythology, as well as in the Bible. Ogres are somewhat newer than that, but are derived from European folklore where they are often portrayed as large, homely humanoids with a taste for human flesh. The trolls of D&D are pulled mostly from the Poul Anderson novel, Three Hearts and Three Lions (which inspired several aspects of D&D), rather than from the trolls of northern European folklore which can vary in form and nature - Beowulf's enemy, Grendel, is one kind of troll, but other stories feature trolls more thematically related to the faeries of English folklore. Oni come from Japanese folklore, and have retained their mythological invisibility, nasty temperaments and taste for human flesh.

Staple D&D Monsters of Neverwinter - Oni

Ogres are encountered fairly early on in Neverwinter, often as bosses among the orcs in the Tower District. They are big and slow and their attacks can be dodged fairly easily, but when they do land a hit, it hurts.

Orcs, then BUGBEARS, then hobgoblins? Have you even ever PLAYED D&D? There's no way hobgoblins are more powerful foes for adventurers than BUGBEARS. -10 points!

And what about Beholders? Dragons are all well and good, but a beholder is a giant floating maw with ten tentacle eyes, each of which has the ability to obliterate you. In a D&D game, I know which one is more likely to cause me to soil myself, and it's not the one with the wings.

Definitely want to see Minotaur, Manticore,Chimera,Gryphon and Hydra's in this.

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