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For those of us who like a little more grind to obtaining pets, Patch 5.2 has introduced a slew of pets available only as drops from various places around the world.

Ji-Kun Hatchling

The Ji-Kun Hatchling is one of those pets that is so ugly that it is actually cute. To make this ball of ugly adorableness your very own you will need to defeat Ji-Kun inside the Throne of Thunder and then cross your fingers that one of these pets drops. This pet has the chance to drops in all variations of the Throne of Thunder (LFR, Heroic, and Normal). The Ji-Kun Hatchling can be used as a Battle Pet, can be traded, and is available to both Horde and Alliance players.

Ji-Kun Hatchling

Son of Animus

Perhaps unsurprisingly this tiny little robot comes from a boss called the Dark Animus located in the brand new Throne of Thunder. The Son of Animus can drop on all versions of this raid and is also able to be traded and used in Pet Battles.

Son of Animus

Spawn of G'nathus

Much like the Son of Animus, the Spawn of G'nathus comes from its namesake; a giant purple eel called G'nathus. The eel and his spawn can be found around Shan'ze Dao in the Townlong Steppes. This mob can be quite difficult to defeat, so you may want to bring some friends. The Spawn of G'nathus can be used as a Battle Pet, can be traded, and is available for both factions.

Spawn of Gnathus

Sunreaver Micro-Sentry

If you've ever wanted one of those cool robot Sunwell guards for your very own, now is your chance. The Sunreaver Micro-Sentry drops from Haywire Sunreaver Constructs on the Isle of Thunder. These mobs are rare spawns and can pack quite a punch. The Sunreaver Micro-Sentry can be used as a Battle Pet and can be traded.

Sunreaver MicroSentry

Zandalari Anklerender

These super cute little dinosaurs are random drops from high level Zandalari Dinomancers found on the Isle of Giants. These mobs also have the chance to drop three other models; the Zandalari Footlasher, Kneebiter, and Toenibbler. All models can be used as Battle Pets and can be traded.

Zandalari Anklerender

Living Sandling

Not much is known about the Living Sandling as of yet, however, we do know that he drops somewhere in the Throne of Thunder. It seems likely that the Living Sandling will be able to be used as a Battle Pet and be traded with other players.

Living Sandling

Trading Card Game

Gusting Grimoire

The Gusting Grimoire is the brand new pet introduced into the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. While we aren't sure exactly what this pet is supposed to be, it can be used in Pet Battles and also can be traded to other players once obtained.

Gusting Grimoire

Wild Pets

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 has introduced a variety of pets that can only be obtained by finding them in the wild and subduing them in a Pet Battle. All these pets can be found on the Isle of Thunder and are sure to enhance your pet collection. The new wild pets available include:

  • Swamp Croaker
  • Thundertail Flapper
  • Elder Python
  • Electrified Razortooth

That wraps up our list of the new pets available in Patch 5.2. Which of these adorable (yet deadly) additions will you be adding to your pet collection? What pets would you like to see added to World of Warcraft in future content patches? Share your thoughts and ideas with us by using the comment section below!

The custom grimoire is supposed to be a "dog" as in it runs around on its book corners like they are feet... or at least thats what it seems like to me. *shrug*

Also, is it me, or has the quality of the graphics gone down a little recently? All of these pets look really terrible except for the carp which are actually really cute.

Living Sandling drops off Council of Elders in ToT and resembles the adds that the sand troll spawns during the fight. I received one last night after downing the boss for the first time in LFR.

I pretty much like the Snowy Panda ( I don't think there is such a thing, though), because it looks like my dog and everything that resembles to my pet is OK. Sure, I'd have to make a reservation for mine at a K9 bootcamp at, so it would turn out as fearsome as this little pet.

Sure, buy this kind of pets and before you know it, you are asked to join the social network for pets at No, really, these are nice, but it's way cooler to fight alone, at least for as long as you can. I know it's not for long, but the XP is won faster.

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