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Posted Mon, Mar 11, 2013 by Xerin

Start Out With Nothing – Build a small city and run off of RCI profit for a while.

When you first start a region you kind of have almost nothing, nothing unlocked, no money to trade around, nothing. Start small, throw down some roads, then zone in residential, a little bit of commercial, then industry. You can just have a few rows of straight roads, really. No infrastructure at all. It works best if in another city, you throw down police, power, water, sewage, fire, and clinics, then send all available extras to the other city (so that you can just buy everything from the other city).

Then wait until you’re at $3,500 to $5,000 an hour and let the game just sit. Money is a lot easier to get before you start biggering, because you’ll run into the obstacle of always needing to spend whatever extra income you get on advancement or else your town will burn down, everyone is going to get sick, or a crime wave will start.

SimCity Income

Vu Tower – Evil Incarnate

I’m not sure if it’s bugged or not, but Vu Tower sends out crime waves and these crime waves will flood other cities in the region if not dealt with. Do everyone a favor; skip out on Vu Tower unless you’re ready to dedicate the police forces necessary to prevent the crime waves it sends out.

If there is a Vu Tower in your region bothering you, max out a police precinct and send all available officers to that region. I hear that helps a ton in preventing crime.

Industry Wins – Build Industry for fun and profit!

Later on in the game, taxation won’t be enough to pay for schools and neat things, so be sure to build an industry!

  • Recycling – You can reclaim metal, alloy, or plastic and resell it on the global market for what amounts to free money.
  • Electronics – You can use recycling and purchasing to create electronics, which has a major profit margin.
  • Culture – Tourism is big money, have a healthy city with at least a passenger rail station and place down an expo center (that seems to be the major tourist flood trigger). You’ll then have streets full of shoppers.

That's our eight tips for a better SimCity experience. What are your tips? let us know in the comments section below.

Fossil fuel industry amounts to big money too, especially in the early game. Having a city in the region dedicated to mining and drilling (and later smelting and refining), buying in with bond issues (get the finance department to enable $100k bonds), and attaching these industries to a road and rail network via a trade depot or trade port can easily rake in hundreds of thousands of Simoleans a day. You can then gift that money to your or your friends' other mean, lean, and green cities in the region, or simply use those resources to build great works sites that benefit everyone.

Yes, there's environmental impact with this approach, but upgrade your locally supplied fossil fuel power plant and water plants with filtration, keep ground polluting industries away from the water table, and be careful of what's downwind of your air polluters, and you'll minimize the impact.

Great guide, btw.

Fossil fuel, coal, and ore are all great resources for fast cash, even better if your city is just nothing but that and then you can profit then move to something sustainable, like culture or recycling or importing and making electronics (or importing and smelting / refining works too, I think, but I have yet to do the math).

So nice to share the tips. Very helpful. Thanks a lot!

So nice to share the tips. Very helpful. Thanks a lot!


We’ve gathered eight tips to help you understand the new SimCity and make your way from Mayoral neophyte to Mayor in Chief. So get your officially sanctioned sash and top hat and let’s get to work on making some of the biggest and best cities in the history of the new SimCity.

Mon, Mar 11, 2013
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