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Back in the Saddle


    1. Back in the Saddle:  Complete the Mission
    2. Full Throttle: Prevent the Dominion from Destroying the Tram Engine during the Tram Ride in the “Back in the Saddle “ Mission
    3. Brutal Legend: Don’t take damage from the Archangel in the “Back in the Saddle” mission on Normal difficulty.
    4. Nick of Time: Complete “Back in the Saddle” with more than 40 seconds on each lockdown  on hard difficulty.


Escape the Sublevel

First up is teaching you now to use hero abilities, the first one being Kinetic Blast. Press Q and click the Marauder, at which point you’ll be jumped by a couple of units, just focus them down and you should be good to go. Continue moving forward and you’ll reach some Marines in trouble, use Kinetic Blast to take out a ghost and focus the units down. There is a recovery console up ahead, so any energy used won’t matter, realistically.

Crushing Grip is the next skill you’ll learn to use. It’s important to pay attention to how these abilities are used, since you’ll be using them a lot in upcoming missions. Continue on, there are a few ambushes but nothing you can’t really handle. You’ll reach a room where you’ll be locked in and a door will open with zerglings rushing at you.

In the next area, you’ll be tasked with moving to a set of doors while a timer runs. Ignore the time, use Kinetic Blast on the upcoming Firebat, and then be a little bit more suave with the choke point. Let the Firebat live so it’ll mow down the zerglings and use Crushing Grip to finish off the entire group near the end.

You’ll move through another two sets of doors, rather easy stuff along the way. Use your abilities and it shouldn’t be an issue. You’ll come to a room where you’ll have to make a choice: gas the room or release the zerg. Personally, I released the zerg to deal with the mechanical units, but the choice is up to you. Remember, you’re the master of your own dominion slaying rampage.

Defend the Tram Engines

This part can be easy, if you’re alert. You have two restoration terminals, so using your abilities shouldn’t ever be an issue, and an assortment of defenders. Watch your mini map for incoming and use Kinitic Blast liberally. I like to use it on the Medivacs because it gets rid of the passengers. You’ll eventually run into a Siege Tank but it was hilariously easy to beat down. The recovery terminals heal your allies, so it’s all good there.

Reach the Spaceport

You’ll move forward and eventually have to fight Archangel. This is where the game gets hard – if you want the achievement. You can’t take any damage from the Archangel, so it all depends on how much patience you have.  In the air it’ll draw a line on the ground and charge forward, bombing the area. On the ground it’ll put targets on the ground and you’ll need to dodge them. If you’re alert and don’t ever really get greedy, you should have the achievement no problem.

Achievement Recap

  • Full Throttle: Follow the guide above, it’s really hard to let a tram engine die on normal. Just watch for incoming and take them out.
  • Brutal Legend: Watch out for the arrows on the ground and don’t stand in them, use your restorations to try and keep your allied heroes alive.
  • Nick of Time: Play through on normal first to get a hang of where everything is and it all just boils down to micro.

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I really enjoyed this mission, a lot different that the other ones. If anyone is still having trouble with this mission or completing the other missions check out There are some really good video guides there.

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