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This is when you finally get to manage your own base and attack. The key to victory on this map is a strong economy mixed with a constant stream of zerglings and Swarm Queens. Swarm Queens can walk on land or creep t the same speed, that's their sort of special ability.


Hold Out for Reinforcements

The first thing you need is a spawning pool, not! Build more drones. Always build more drones. Get your income first, that’s so critical in this game. Your base is pretty well defended with Spine Crawlers, so you’re going to want to get setup for a long fight. Go ahead and build the spawning pool and start working on building a nice supply of zerglings and a Spawn Queen.

The goal here is to get the two achievements done ASAP, before the 15 minute timer runs out. To that end, get a strong economy up and build zerglings, move out and start working on the objectives. I sent a suicide force out to snag the two mineral patches on the right (and build a second hatchery), but again you are the captain of your dominion rampaging, so it’s all up to you on how you want to proceed.

I was able to do it with about five minutes left, simply making sure I had at least 20 to 21 drones up, using Kerrigan to push objectives, and just spamming zerglings. The Spawn Queens are a good choice to; you should build plenty of those. They’re meatier and don’t die to the

Anyway the mission progresses as follows, you’ll have 15 minutes and you’ll be alerted at various intervals of different caves that you can rescue units from. The best thing is to sort of get some momentum going, make a strong economy first then start expanding hatcheries. There are various minerals residing over the map, so those can help you get at least two extra hatcheries up. Once your economy is stable, start producing Zerglings and Swarm Queens. Swarm Queens are great for dealing with the new  Hellbat unit while Zerglings can just swarm everything. Your base sort of defends itself, only leave a few defenders back and bring Kerrigan with you on all assaults.

The right most cave is the easiest, especially with Kerrigan. The next cave on the left is easy too, but the third cave has an entire base around it. The easiest approach is from the right side, you can focus down the cave guardians to unleash the brood and help gain momentum is taking the actual base.

As for getting fifteen buildings, you can focus on the main encampment to the northwest or there is a slightly easier camp on the east that you can assault. Either way, fifteen buildings can go down fast.

After the fifteen minutes are up, you’ll be presented with an entire swarm, press F2 then attack click the cannon. Afterward the mission then completes and you can either move on to the Charr Missions or the Kaldir Missions. I choose Kaldir because I want the extra unlocks before moving to Charr.

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I really enjoyed this mission, a lot different that the other ones. If anyone is still having trouble with this mission or completing the other missions check out There are some really good video guides there.

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