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StarCraft II Mission Guides

Enemy Within

Unlocked: Roach Evolution Mission

Bonus: +1 Kerrigan Level

WARNING: Do the Zergling evolution mission before starting this mission. The difficulty changes drastically between having an upgraded Zergling and having the basic Zergling.


You’ll start by moving forward and infesting a critter, then devouring it. Move up and hop into the steam vents (remember that steam vents will hide you for future use). Then continue and infest the Ursadon, attack move and take out the zealots really quick before moving on. You can use the jump ability to stun the enemies, but that’s for high difficulties honestly.

You’ll move through a vent and upgrade into Niadra, the Broodmother. Here’s where it gets really, really, really fun honestly. You can spawn an infinite amount of Zerglings, up to your food limit, and you can consume various critters on the ship to get resources to grow (to increase your supply). Move through slaughtering everything, spawning Zerglings, until you get to a part where you need to hop into a vent.

Move your Zerglings through the vent and into the enemy area, destroying the Psi Broadcaster, lowering the shield, and allowing you to advance. The process repeats once more, but this time you’ll need to use Niadra to destroy the warp core.

After that, you’ll need to back track fighting a few small forces before the countdown timer ends. Afterward, you’ll be in a room where units in stasis will unfreeze. You should in this room be able to grow, unlocking Roaches and 8 additional supply. At this point, various stasis pods will blink, then Protoss will spawn. What I did was just went around gathering Biomass while the troops automatically attacked them, keeping them nearby.

By the final room, you should be able to get enough Biomass to grow once more for 35 supply and Hydralisks. After everything is taken care of, knock the vent door down and quickly use parasitic invasion to take the Ursa for yourself.

When you move forward, various escape pods will start counting down. In order to do “Failure to Launch” you’ll need to rush them. I had the Spawnling upgrade, so I was able to just make an infinite amount of Spawnlings quickly and rush everything with them, ignoring the units, leaving like sixty seconds on each of the timers.


  • Enemy Within: Complete the mission.
  • Failure to Launch: You can’t let any of the escape pods reach 20 seconds.
  • Biomass Effect: This is so easy, just keep consuming biomass within the mission, near the end you’ll get the achievement during the mission.




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