Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Mission Guides Part Three: Char Missions

We take you back to a land far far away that we all know all too good and well: Char, in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Our latest guide covers all of the campaign missions in Char and the associated achievements. For the Zerg!

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Char Missions

Welcome back to the Zerg homeworld of Char!

This guide assumes that you went to Kaldir first (it's totally okay if you don't, Char is a bit easier), if you did not, some of the comments are invalid. I suggest going to Kaldir first to unlock the basic Zerg units (Roach & Hydralisk) for future missions, since they’re the foundation of most Zerg combat. However, you can choose to do Char first without any problem.

At this point in time you can now use the evolution chamber. The evolution chamber allows you to choose between one of three upgrades for each of your units. Go ahead and choose the upgrade for the Zergling that fits your playstyle.


Main Objective Reward: +5 Kerrigan levels

Bonus Objective Reward: +2 Kerrigan levels

New Unit: Baneling

The Baneling is an explosive force and is great to mix in with armies to break up large clusters of enemies.

WARNING: One of the achievements requires you attention right at the start of the game!


Again, start off by building up some drones. This mission can be intense or rather easy, depending on if you’re going for the achievements or not. Poached Eggs is rather easy, you just need to go around and collect all of the Baneling nests, but No Egg for You is much more challenging. Why? Because you can’t let her collect a single egg, which means that everytime she spawns you need to ambush her outside of her base.

For the mission itself, just go around with Kerrigan and some Zerglings (or some Roaches if you did Kaldir first) and destroy everything and collect eggs. Banelings are useful for breaking up the buildings, but you don’t have to have giant armies of them.

For the bonus, the infested Terran structures go down rather quick, you can just send the free Banelings from the nests at them and it should be easy breezy. If you did Kaldir first, this mission is rather quick and effortless and even if you didn't, you're really just facing a few Spore Crawlers, a few Zerglings, and a few Infested Terrans.

Zerg Eggs

For the achievement, you’re going to just want to go all out on stopping Zagara. Place Banelines near her base and always focus her down, ignore her convoy.

As for what the mission really is, it's really easy, and if you're not hunting achievements you can just zoom through it taking Zagara out when she spawns and collecting eggs. BIG TIP! Use the shift key to queue commands so you don't have to walk Kerrigan to each egg sac individually.


  • Poached Eggs: Just find all six of the egg sacs.
  • No Egg for You: As above, camp Zagara to keep her from
  • Domination: Finish the mission.

At this point you now have access to the Archives and the ability to alter Kerrigan’s abilities (if not already unlocked). These features are on the main screen.

Next Mission: FIRE IN THE SKY

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Fire in the Sky

Unlocks: Zergling Evolution Mission

Bonus: +3 Kerrigan Levels

This map teaches you about Spawn Queens and the importance of creep.


At the start of the mission, go ahead and queue up some Drones. This is critical, in every mission, to get your economy as strong as possible. Why do I keep saying this? Because doing so makes each map easier and Blizzard ALWAYS gives you some breathing room at the start to get everything situated (unless it’s a map designed to defend an attacking base or something). With more money comes more units, with more units the less challenge the map presents. Anyway, get a second hatchery too rather early on, most of this map can be done with Zerglings, so it’s good to have tons.

The whole goal is to basically keep waking up Swarm Nests until you awaken all seven, without letting the Gorgon reach your base. You can let them kind of just keep rolling over to your base to give you more time for the bonus objectives & achievements.

Again, starting off, just let the Gorgon come at you; build up your base a little bit. Get some drones, the minerals nearby, maybe even a Spore Crawler or two. I got a second Hatchery for fun, so that the next part is a bit less stressful.  Now, you need to sort of make up your mind on what you’re going for in this mission, you could probably do all of it, but it’s really stressful since you have a limited amount of time and a lot of space to cover and have to keep the creep expanding.

Your first option is the command centers, there is one south of your base and one a little bit north east then a main one all the way at the end. You can focus on destroying these by taking the paths to them and getting the “Conquer & Command” achievement. “Red Alert” is simple; just don’t let too many units die to a Gorgon.

The bonus mission is a bit trickier; all of the objectives are at the end. Here is a map of their locations:

SC2 - Biomass Locations

Otherwise, just keep spawning Zerglings & Banelings and push forward, destroying troops and push the creep. A neat trick you can use is to keep a few Spawn Queens on hand to help speed up the movement of the creep.

What I did for this mission was get the achievements on Normal, then switch over to easy to snag up the bonus mission.


  • Conquer & Command: Locate the three command centers and destroy them. Bring some troops that can take down a Siege Tank, most are defended by at least one Siege Tank.
  • Red Alert: Keep watch of the Gorgans and don't let any get near your units. You'll get a warning if they come close.
  • Fire in the Sky: Complete the mission.


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Old Soldiers

Unlocked: Baneling Evolution Mission

Bonus: +2 Kerrigan Level

Unlocks: Abberation

Abberations are like big tanks that take a ton of damage and a lot of space up. They have their place in an army and excel in a map like this with lots of heavy units (Warhounds and Siege Tanks).

WARNING: Do the Zergling evolution mission before starting this mission. The difficulty changes drastically between having an upgraded Zergling and having the basic Zergling.


First Nuclear Strike

The first nuclear strike is simply a challenge to destroy as much of the base as you can with a huge insane army before the actual meat and potatoes of the game. I had a high level Kerrigan (level 23ish) that was capable of spawning Banelings, which really help make a push. There are a few key things to watch out for: Siege Tanks are insane and will ruin your entire army rather quickly. Warhounds are rather nasty too.

You should choose a side to completely clear so that you can expand to it early. You either have the rich mineral veins or the normal base a bit closer to your main one. The rich mineral veins will spawn drones whenever you liberate it, while the other one just kind of exists. So pick whichever one you like the most.

Breach the Tactical Operations Center

The mission is considerably easier than the previous mission. You ask why? Well, because, you’re only really dealing with some random nuclear strikes. That’s pretty much it. If you were efficient in the first part, the second part is easy as pie.

The question here is do you want to do “Down the Thunder” or not. If you want to do Down the Thunder it’s going to be all about just rushing straight to the end objectives and claiming victory. If not, then you can play a bit more loosely.

For Down the Thunder, simply build a few hatcheries in your main base, then expand dodging whatever nuclear strikes come at you. Then build up a large force of Zerglings, Banelings, and Abberations. If you unlocked it earlier, build some Hydralisks for any air you come in contact with, and finally a few queens.

Then just rush the base and call it a day.

Rushing the Base in Old Soldiers

If you want to do the bonus mission and play around, build some defenses at the choke point to your base and around your base, expand and build some defenses around it. Then slowly just make your way to the base, clearing everything out on the way there. Watch for the Siege Tanks!

The bonus mission is the easy part, just go there and destroy the science facilities.

There really aren’t many surprises on this map. Some of the attacks include Vikings, but they’ll land and fight.


  • Recalled Down the Thunder: You've got twenty minutes. It's best to focus on one side and obliterate a really strong path to the main objective at the start.
  • Nuclear Launch Rejected: Take down twenty buildings at the start. Ready, set, go!
  • Old Soldiers: Finish the mission.

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