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Old Soldiers

Unlocked: Baneling Evolution Mission

Bonus: +2 Kerrigan Level

Unlocks: Abberation

Abberations are like big tanks that take a ton of damage and a lot of space up. They have their place in an army and excel in a map like this with lots of heavy units (Warhounds and Siege Tanks).

WARNING: Do the Zergling evolution mission before starting this mission. The difficulty changes drastically between having an upgraded Zergling and having the basic Zergling.


First Nuclear Strike

The first nuclear strike is simply a challenge to destroy as much of the base as you can with a huge insane army before the actual meat and potatoes of the game. I had a high level Kerrigan (level 23ish) that was capable of spawning Banelings, which really help make a push. There are a few key things to watch out for: Siege Tanks are insane and will ruin your entire army rather quickly. Warhounds are rather nasty too.

You should choose a side to completely clear so that you can expand to it early. You either have the rich mineral veins or the normal base a bit closer to your main one. The rich mineral veins will spawn drones whenever you liberate it, while the other one just kind of exists. So pick whichever one you like the most.

Breach the Tactical Operations Center

The mission is considerably easier than the previous mission. You ask why? Well, because, you’re only really dealing with some random nuclear strikes. That’s pretty much it. If you were efficient in the first part, the second part is easy as pie.

The question here is do you want to do “Down the Thunder” or not. If you want to do Down the Thunder it’s going to be all about just rushing straight to the end objectives and claiming victory. If not, then you can play a bit more loosely.

For Down the Thunder, simply build a few hatcheries in your main base, then expand dodging whatever nuclear strikes come at you. Then build up a large force of Zerglings, Banelings, and Abberations. If you unlocked it earlier, build some Hydralisks for any air you come in contact with, and finally a few queens.

Then just rush the base and call it a day.

Rushing the Base in Old Soldiers

If you want to do the bonus mission and play around, build some defenses at the choke point to your base and around your base, expand and build some defenses around it. Then slowly just make your way to the base, clearing everything out on the way there. Watch for the Siege Tanks!

The bonus mission is the easy part, just go there and destroy the science facilities.

There really aren’t many surprises on this map. Some of the attacks include Vikings, but they’ll land and fight.


  • Recalled Down the Thunder: You've got twenty minutes. It's best to focus on one side and obliterate a really strong path to the main objective at the start.
  • Nuclear Launch Rejected: Take down twenty buildings at the start. Ready, set, go!
  • Old Soldiers: Finish the mission.

Previous Mission: FIRE IN THE SKY


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