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Supreme Guide

Reward: +5 Kerrigan Levels

Bonus: +4 Kerrigan Levels

Unlocks: Hydralisk Evolution Mission


Alright, this is a three part mission with a “surprise” finale. First of all, the two achievements on this map are automatically given for basically beating the mission while going and getting the Xel’Naga Relics too (basically some exploration). If Kerrigan gets below 100 health you’re probably going to fail anyway (just keep an eye out on her health) and I ended up killing 500 units rather early into the third section, so they shouldn’t pose a challenge.


This first section is rather easy, you’ll get a leap ability in order to leap around and pretty much a free Xel’Naga relic. Go all the way the northwest to get the other Xel’Naga relic then continue to the marker where you’ll fight Yagdra. Yagdra isn’t difficult; Yagdra does an attack you can move out of, followed by burrowing and spawning eggs. Take the eggs out, and then return to killing Yagdra. At this point another section opens up.


Kraith’s section is rather short and the Xel’Naga Relic is literally on the path there, you just have to take a quick detour. Kraith himself can be challenging because his charge is hard for slow moving units to get out of the way. My suggestion is to just spread all of your units out, so that you can move them out of his attacks while spamming Mend on Kerrigan.


Slivan isn’t difficult, but the path to Slivan is time consuming, and the Banelings are rather annoying. You’ll see Feral Banelings and if you get near them, they start counting down (getting bigger) then they explode. You can rush through and kill large portion of them to deal with giant groups of them. The Xel’naga Relic is actually near the start, you have to take a secret path on the east side (see below).

Secret Location during Slivan

There is another path towards the center where you can jump up to deal with any enemies that your other units can’t reach, otherwise it’s a straightforward walk to Slivan. Once you get to Slivan, the fight for me was simple, just focus on Slivan and use Kerrigan’s rush ability to clear out the Banelings.


Zurvan spawns right afterward, he does a few attacks like a breath and he can smash his claws on the ground, but there are alerts for that. He also spawns units, but you can use the rush ability to clear them out. When he’s below 25%, just focus him down, and the mission should end.

As I previously stated, the achievements come rather easily on Normal mode, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty with it. Just use Kerrigan to take out a lot of the Banelings and you shouldn’t have much of a problem.


  • Queen of the Jungle: Don't let Kerrigan get below 100 health.
  • Endangered Species: Kill 500 enemy units with Kerrigan.
  • Supreme: Finish the mission.

Previous Mission: THE CRUCIBLE


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