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Hand of Darkness Guide

Reward: Mutalisk Evolution Mission

Bonus: +2 Kerrigan Levels

Introduction to Swarm Hosts

You have about 5 minutes to kill the Hybrid, me, personally, I see that as five minutes to build an economy. After that it sets in the entire motion of events where every few minutes, a Hybrid will unleash and you’ll have 5 minutes to kill it, so it’s good to use the free time now to get things setup. At this point I had the two drone upgrade on Kerrigan and Swarmlings, so I could get an army and an economy together rather quickly.

There is only one Hybrid that you should really concern yourself with, it’s the one on the far southeast corner. It has a rather beefy setup defending it. Otherwise, each one works like this: clear before it, pop open its holding cell (if it isn’t open already), and anyway it’s the last one of that series so worry with it last.

Final Battle Hand of Darkness

Otherwise, take care of the one up north, expand, the one southeast, then take care of the two north-centralish, then the final two. As for command centers, they’re located around the area. Find them and destroy them.

The final room has two Hybrids. I was around 200 food and quickly went down to about 120, so make sure you have a large army in the room. The room is rather clear, so you shouldn’t have any issues during the fight.

For the bonus mission, the Ultralisks are en route to the Hybrids. Free them to make the Hybrid encounters easier.


  • Shattered Command: Destroy two command centers.
  • Power Underwhelming: Break three Hybrids out of their holding cell before they bust out themselves..
  • Hand of Darkness: Finish the mission.

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