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Phantoms of the Void

Reward: +3 Kerrigan Levels

Bonus: +2 Kerrigan Levels

Unlocks: Ultralisk

The Ultralisk is like the captial ship of the Zerg. These heavy hitters can take a ton of damage, can regenerate on hit, and are just massive tanks, great for taking damage and pushing the swarm forward.


This mission is fun and is a bit stressful, but that’s alright because it’s not over tuned or anything. You’ll start off with a little bit of a tutorial describing what an Ultralisk is and then from there you’ll lose control of Kerrigan and only have Stukov to fight with. There are five temples and you need to stand on the beacon on each one, fight the incoming Hybrids, and then move on to the next. These Hybrids aren’t crazy insane difficult like the previous ones that knock everything’s health down to half, they’re more like send a decent army and you’ll walk away with most of your units difficult.

So at the start, go ahead and build up your economy, take the expansion, and start building up a light defense. You don’t have too long before Kerrigan’s health starts depleting rapidly. One of the things to always remember is that generally speaking, the units given to you at the start are enough to always complete the first objective, which is true here as well. You can use the units in your base to secure the first temple, leaving four remaining.

After your economy is strong, start making your way temple to temple. I used a combination of Ultralisks and Hydralisks, but you can mix and match any types of units honestly and you should be fine, although use something meaty to tank the Hybrids.

For the bonus mission, here is the location of the crystals:

Xel'naga Crystal Locations

For the achievements, well the first one is easy, don’t let Stukov die. Although, those of you who remember him from StarCraft: BroodWar might be alright with the prospect (or maybe not), but otherwise the easiest way to complete it is just make sure you have a strong enough force when you go to close the temples.

For the other achievement, select all of your units and focus on Hybrid down, making sure you don’t have any Mutalisks or other AoE units involved, and then switch over to the second Hybrid (two come for the final two or three temples). When it’s dead, switch back and finish the other one. Twenty seconds is a long time, so that should give you plenty of time to complete it.

Once all five temples are closed, you’re finished. The only other note is to watch out and don’t enter the bases, they are heavily defended and there isn’t much point in bothering with them. The game will warn you when you’re too close.


  • The Phantoms Menaced: Kill two Hybrids within 20 seconds of each other.
  • Stukov Strikes Back: Don't let Stukov die..
  • Phantoms of the Void: Finish the mission.

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