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Conviction Guide

Reward: +9 Kerrigan Levels / Swarm Host Evolution Mission

Bonus: +2 Kerrigan Levels

Infestors: Infestors are critical in this mission to conserve your forces and keep forward momentum going. Be sure to utilize them to their max, they're the only unit that you should really concern yourself with and micro, especially on Normal. On Hard and above, they're needed to disable Thors and Siege Tanks and turn the tide of battle to your side.

First Floor

Alright, before the mission begins I’d suggest getting the Baneling skill on Kerrigan, it’ll make your life so easy because you’ll have an endless supply of troops that can destroy most of the packs, letting you have a rather sizable army. The fights are also so short that it’s hard to really micro your units around. The first pack has to be engaged solo, but you’ll get a set of units midway through (or like me you’ll just destroy them all with Banelings).

The next pack spawns another set of troops, and then you’ll need to head around. A set of hellions will jump you, but you’ll get yet another pack. Then moving around the corner you’ll see Siege Tanks and other scary things, but again another pack will move in to save you (also my Banelings cleared out most of the room).

In the upcoming room you’ll need to fight off four waves of enemies. If you didn’t notice yet, you have some Infestors who can help replenish your forces since you won’t have Kerrigan to help anymore. You can also morph your Hydralisks if you’ve done the evolution mission.

You’ll see a room up on your left that will have a secret document. It’s guarded by a few ghosts, you can just send Kerrigan in to deal with it along with a few troops. Move forward until you’ll see a huge base. Plant the four Virophages then engage. If you’ve been infesting and protecting your forces, you should be able to overwhelm them very easily.

Reinforcements will arrive as you move upward, but don’t count on them living. When you reach the coupling, force down the Thor then deal with the rest. Make HEAVY use of your Infestors to help take some heat off your forces. Siege Tanks are brutal with everything clumped together.

Second Floor

On the second level you have five minutes to make it out. Just follow the path, right before the end it veers off to the right – that’s the second Secret Document. Anyway keep moving on and you should have minutes to spare. The trick on higher difficulties again is to infest, infest, infest. Infesting makes it so much easier because you turn their major damage dealers into yours.

Space Mission Secret Document Sc2 HotS

Anyway the last room looks daunting, but you get additional reinforcements. I just put Kerrigan’s Banelings in the center which took care of most of the room. With that, the Space Missions are done.

The two achievements are really easy to get on Normal. Don’t stop attacking and you’ll get through by the eight minutes (it’s for the first section only) and for Kerrigan’s life, she never took damage for me, so I’m not sure what advice to give other than keep her back. If you’ve been following our guides, you should have all of the bonuses by now and she should be rather beefy.


  • Staying Alive: Kerrigan can't go below 50%.
  • Saturday Night Fever: You have eight minutes to get through the first part.
  • Conviction: Finish the mission.

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