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Death From Above Guide

You start as Dehaka with three Marines in front of you. He can jump cliffs, heal himself, and burrow. As you move forward, you’ll see a Siege Tank on a cliff, hop up there and deal with it. The pack guarding the Power Link will deal a good bit of damage to you, use Mend and you should be able to get through it.

Alright, again, this gets difficult. You need to kill twenty, I repeat, twenty buildings before the Psi Destroyer activates. You’re given a base, two Lairs, and five minutes. Here’s the deal, assign yourself about a minute to get your income high enough to produce troops, then start spamming Zerglings and Aberrations for the next four minutes and use Kerrigan to clear out the base beside and in front of yours. That should count for twenty buildings. Make heavy use of Kerrigan, real heavy use, because otherwise you won’t have enough time to pull it off.

The second Power Link is a bit more difficult. You’ll need to grapple Siege Tanks to protect your troops as you walk forward. Just be alert and remember that your base is still running, so feel free to build up units and defend your expansion during this time. The achievement requires that Dehaka doesn’t die. Not that difficult of an accomplishment so far, just take it slow and remember time is running out but you do have an okay amount of time.

Dehaka Pull

After the second PSI wave, you can start tearing up the Terran base again. I’m not going to go through specifics, since at this point you can pretty much swarm everything (press F2, attack and move). You don’t even have to attack; really, you can just build up your forces at this point because there is a third and final PSI wave coming.

For the last Power Link, it’s really difficult. I actually lost Dehaka this time through because I wasn’t paying attention at the end. You’ll need to use all of his abilities to stay alive and will probably prefer to ignore most of the buildings because there is not a lot of time before the Psi Destroyer reaches your main base.

After that’s finished, you have an unlimited amount of time to finish the mission up. All you need to really watch out for is the choke point, which again Infestors. Infestors are the answer to everything by this point in the game. They are so different than the regular game’s Infestors because they permanently take control of something and that something can be a Thor or a Siege Tank.

Personally I just made a 200 food army, pressed F2, then attack moved to the Psi Destroyer. You can play a bit more finesse if you want (obviously on higher difficulties you’d probably want to use a mix of Roaches/Hydralisks, Kerrigan, and Infestors and slowly advance forward), but on normal I found that was the quickest way to go about it.


  • Terran Up the Sky: Kill 20 buildings before the second Psi Destroyer field activates.
  • Apex Predator: Don't let Dehaka die.
  • Death From Above: Finish the mission.


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