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The Reckoning Guide


At the very start of the mission, you’ll come under attack. I suggest dealing with the attack on the left side of your base to save the Roach there. Shortly after that, you’re going to come under attack from the right, and then the Hyperion will ride into glorious battle.

You have a pretty nice base; the entire back side of your base can act as a perfect storage for different buildings and Overlords. The enemies are a bit tougher, they're upgraded versions of normal units. You'll probably want to defend your base a bit and expand eastward first.

Achievement discussion time – it is possible to do both achievements (prevent the Hyperion from taking damage and end the game within 25 minutes) but it’s going to require a constant relentless assault. I’d personally start with the expansion to your right and move a few Hydralisks into Raynor’s base to help fend off the attacks.

Anyway, after you get your expansion setup, get some units there to defend the Hyperion, and get everything setup, it’s time to do the bonus. You have to break the three defense barriers. Once you break one open, the game gets a ton easier. I suggest doing the left side first then the two on the right, because the one on the left is going to flood the left side and clear it for you and push a good bit toward the right.

Then after you take the right side out, you shouldn’t really have to worry with defending yourself anymore and focus on pushing the assault. There isn’t many tricks, other than be sure to use Infestors liberally to gank Thors and Siege Tanks along with Kerrigan who can, if you’ve followed our guides, solo most of the map by this point.

The Reckoning Siege

There are a few events to be aware of; there are a few sieges on the Hyperion. I defeated them with some Mutalisks and Hydralisks, you may want to go about it with Swarm Locusts or something. The Odin comes after you, I used a Levithan and Kerrigan to duo it, but you could throw a legion of troops its way.

After you break open the bonus mission objectives and the flood moves in on the gates, just press F2 and attack move on the gate area. Use Kerrigan’s abilities to their mix to quicken it. Once you’re outside of the gates, just focus fire the gate and ignore the units attacking you to save on time.


  • Zerg Rush: Finish within 25 mintues.
  • Swarm Guardian: Don't let the Hyperion take any damage.
  • The Reckoning: Finish the mission.

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