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Posted Tue, Mar 19, 2013 by Sardu

Hands-On with the Orc Sorcerer in The Elder Scrolls Online

Burn it! With Fire!

Since the sorcerer was a playable option this time (not to mention the fact that I prefer playing casters in MMOs) I opted to choose that for my base class, and stuck with using a Destruction Staff as my primary weapon. As with all weapons, the staff has both a quick and a charged attack, based on either tapping or holding down the left mouse button. Basic usage fired off short, single bursts of doom, while the charged attack would send out three in one go.

It's worth noting that I only ended up getting to around level 7 during my hands-on time, so I wasn't able to progress any of my skills quite far enough to hit their morph points. Once you level a skill up a fifth time, you'll reach one of these morph points that allows you to choose between two different branching paths. So two players might end up focusing on the same class, weapons, and armor, but can still end up with fairly different characters based on how they choose to advance their individual skills.

As for my sorcerer skills, I opted to use a combination of skills from the Storm Calling and Daedric Summoning lines (a third line, Dark Magic, was also available):

Mage’s Fury (Storm Calling)

This is a high damage skill that you can use to call down kickass lightning strikes on the doomed heads of your doomed enemies. Since the skill itself had no cooldown - instead only being limited to my available Magika – a basic combat rotation involved pulling mobs with a charged staff attack, and then zapping them to death with Mage’s Fury as they closed to melee range.

While this was highly effective against single targets, my choice of sticking to light armor made things a bit more challenging against groups of 2 or 3 at a time. In those situations, it helped that I also chose to begin leveling up…

Unstable Familiar (Daedric Summoning)

This is basically a dumbfire pet that lasts for one minute each time it’s summoned. It doesn’t dish out huge damage on its own, but instead functioned a bit like a mobile DoT that would join in combat any time I was attacked. This allowed me to play – albeit very slightly – like more of a pet-based caster which tends to be my main MMO preference.

TESO Argonian

In fact, I typically play necromancers in just about any MMO cool enough to have them as a playable option. Just ask Lewis over on our Guild Wars 2 site sometime if you want to get an idea of just how much I love the class in that game.

This is an Elder Scrolls game, however, so as you might expect necromancers are considered the bad kids on the playground who have to stay indoors during recess to write, “I will not practice necromancy” on the chalkboard until the bell rings. One of my absolute favorite quotes (spoken by one of the three NPCs I brought along to the main storyline heist) from my hands-on time was, “These necromancers may be disgusting, but they do dress well.”

Necromancy is actually one of the key plot points in the life of your character which, for all intents and purposes, is based on the very simple notion that “Molag Bal stole my soul!” This soul stealing business will apparently be bundled into the tutorial experience for TESO, and where I started at represented the beginning of a very long journey to reclaim my character’s soul.

Stay Tuned for More Exclusive Elder Scrolls Online Coverage

Even though PAX East and GDC are breathing directly in our face like a drunk hobo asking for a dollar to buy some "food", we’ll be bringing you a lot more coverage from our recent hands-on time with The Elder Scrolls Online throughout this week and next. We’ve got some exclusive interviews, a closer look at the progression system, and loads more headed your way, so be sure to check back throughout the week for more awesome Elder Scrolls Online previews!

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