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Posted Thu, Mar 21, 2013 by Martuk

Q13: AC - Levanas - When we would to hear about new expansion? Like its name or possible release date? (Link)

Aaron Campbell: Kate Paiz already mentioned Helm’s Deep… that’s all I can say at this time. (Link)

Q14: ISS_21 – Will there be mounted combat instances? (Link)

Battle for Erebor

Lauren Salk: All content now incorporates some Mounted Combat gameplay, but there are no group MC instances atm. (Link)

Q15: Midford - Can we get more news on the Player Council? (Link)

Rick Heath: The official announcement, information, and how to apply will be posted tomorrow. (Link)

Q16: Fexalicious - Will there be raider representatives in the upcoming council? (Link)

A16: RH - Yes. One of the questions on the application is about your preferred playstyle. (Link)

Q17: Levanas - When we would to hear about new expansion? Like it's name or possible release date? (Link)

Rick Heath: I can only say our 6th Anniversary is coming. Keep an ear to the ground! (Link)

Q18: Radspakr - Any news on improving tanking gear especially vitality jewellery to better match the might and will drops? (Link)

Evan Graziano: A lot of tanking gear was released with Update 9. Although I might typically veer away from changing pre-existing gear, I see no problem with taking a look to make some of the tanking items more beefy. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q19: Avengingbananaslug - Are there any plans to rework the legendary item system? (Link)

Evan Graziano: At this time, no, there are no plans to rework LI. (Link)

Q20: Bamatram - any news on when u11 will be hitting bullroarer? (Link)

Aaron Campbell: Update 11 is on Palantir! We’ll bring it to Bullroarer when it’s ready. (Link)

Scuttledell Elves

Q21: Brya - When can we get auto-loot in place for skirmishes? (Link)

Evan Graziano: Although I can’t really commit to an exact date at this time, this is something that is being planned for the near future. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q22:Thodorin – Do you plan to improve localization and fix some of the translations errors? (Link)

Aaron Campbell: Yes! We continue to fix bugs. (Link)

Rick Heath: Our translation team is working on improving translations with every update and patch. There are also players who routinely submit suggested translations to the team. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q23: Hurant - Can healers expect items with proc on heal in the future? Like the golden Rohan final ring upgrades or mooncandle necklaces? (Link)

Evan Graziano: There are two new healer rings being released with Update 10.1, one that is might-based and another that is will-based, both with on-heal procs. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q24: GingerAJ - With us now receiving items, that have effects when causing or receiving damage,will we rcv items that activate on other FX? (Link)

Evan Graziano: Simply put…yes. Although there is no set timeline, you should start to see a larger variety of proc effects being released with future updates. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q25: Elemiire - Will you fix the 'procs' on the Upgraded Rohan Rings to benefit healers and support classes? (Link)

Stone Giant

Evan Graziano: As mentioned above, there are two new healer rings being released with 10.1. (Link)

Q26: Nasami - Cosmetic gear slots? My LM has found some gorgeous staves, only to lose how they look because she found better quality gear. (Link)

Evan Graziano: Unfortunately due to tech limitations, this is not really an option. (Link)

Q27: Nasami - Verizal: Is there a way to make war-steed riding 'smoother'? (Link)

Evan Graziano: This is another tech limitation that we are forced to deal with. Given their inclusion in combat, war-steeds have a heavier set of restrictions that they must abide by in order to keep combat as flowing and functional as possible. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q28: OverlordGate - Which instance cluster will be scaled and revamped next and when can we expect it? (Link)

Derek Flippo: Right now we’re focusing on prototyping Helm’s Deep instanced content for the upcoming expansion pack. After we’ve shipped the expansion we’ll evaluate the remaining potential revamps vs. making new instances. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q29: Nyrion – Any plans to change the virtue system? Slayer deeds in particular? (Link)

Matt Zimmitti: We’re considering changes to slayer deeds to get them to fit in with future class changed. They may no longer be directly tied to specific skills, but rather, give you progression you can choose. (Link #1, Link #2)

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