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Q30: JeauxLOTR - Who is the RK Developer and when will they begin to engage the RK Community? (Link)

Matt Zimmitti: While there are principle designers for each class, I do want to stress that this is a team effort. That said, Jinjaah is the principle on RK. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q31: Tulcavaryar - Any plans to help hunters and burglars get their mitigations above 40% more easily? (Link)

Matt Zimmitti: That will be dependent on what build you choose =) (Link)

Q32: MrWarg - Can we have more details about the class revamp please, specifically the implementation of skill trees? (Link)

Scuttledells Spider

Matt Zimmitti: Three trees per class. Some degree of blending at a higher cost than sticking with a pure build. Bonuses granted based on an early-level specialization choice that grows as points are spent. You can have multiple specs. You can respec. (Link #1, Link #2, Link #3)

Q33: Zalladi - When will the next 'Player-designed relic' poll be started? (Link)

Matt Zimmitti: That’s up to Sapience. (Link)

Rick Heath: Wow, I'm in charge of something? *marks calendar* Soon™! Seriously. Look for a post after PAX East. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q35: Nendis_Nenar A Housing-Question: Will empty houses from inactive players be available to rent again? (Link)

Matt Fahey: Yes. (Link)

Q36: @andrewscorgie Having seen the improved maps for bree and areas, will all maps be given a more modern look, as they do look dated. (Link)

Lauren Salk: We generally update maps as we revamp zones. (Link)

Q37: @bob101910 Any idea how much the new region in U11 will cost? (Link)

Aaron Campbell: Wildermore will be free for VIPs. (Link)

Q38: @Honvik Any idea if you will bring in a PvP tournament system I.e 12v12 or smaller PvP warzone (Link)

Derek Flippo: We have no plans to add additional PvMP content. (Link)

Bells of Dale

Q39: @MikeWestYYC Do you feel the current state of LOTRO is not challenging enough (too easy) to keep new players engaged? (Link)

Matt Zimmitti: Our present classes don't require difficult choices in how to play. Future changes should increase the challenge level because you won't be able to do everything as any class. (Link #1, Link #2, Link #3)

Q40: @ArtsySuvi Scarycrow, Bree looks awesome! You said you'd try to revamp the Prancing Pony interior; will we be seeing that soon? (Link)

Matt Fahey: Yes I do plan to revamp the interior for the Prancing Pony. This is a personal project of mine. So when I have time, I'll get on it. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q41: @Mithrandir99 any plans to give us cappies mounted helpers? (Link)

Evan Graziano: Although captains aren't getting mounted helpers, all classes will be seeing new mounted traits and skills with U11. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q42: @PArriola Will we be able to have crafting in houses? (Link)

Matt Fahey: Yes we will be adding crafting facilities to housing. (Link)

Q43: @Zyaxis the DMG and heal from conjunctions has not kept pace with our skills. Any changes coming? (Link)

Matt Zimmitti: We're looking at both the balance and timing of conjunctions. An update should come with the class changes. (Link #1, Link #2)

Q44: @jordan_rose72 is content meant to be this easy or is it a bug? (Link)

Lauren Salk: Content is not 'this easy' for everyone. The goal of most landscape content is to let everyone play and enjoy it. Instanced content is intended to be more difficult. (Link #1, Link #2, Link #3)

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