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Sins of a Solar Spymaster #88: Mittani's Maxims – On Management - Page 2

Posted Mon, Apr 01, 2013 by The Mittani

When I was given CEOship back in 2010, Goonswarm had a large contingent of former players who actively attacked people who cared about EVE on the alliance forums. It wasn’t ‘cool’ to like EVE, which is a toxic mentality if you are an alliance based around playing EVE. Our solution - Instead of simply banning these posters, we created a special forum permission - the gulag - which quarantined the bitter former players in one subforum where they could vent their spleens to their hearts content, but never be seen or heard from by active players.


Ignore Industrialists: In an alliance or corporation, industrialists are completely irrelevant and should never be allowed a voice in anything. Sound extreme? It isn’t. An industrialist is not a logistician, but a ‘producer’. Producers live in hisec in countless numbers, and anything that is built there can simply be imported from Jita with a jump freighter - by a logistician. Logisticians matter in alliances; so do financiers, diplomats, and most of all warriors. Producers do not. There has never been a war in the history of EVE which was won by an advantage in local production; the hobbits of ASCN believed their own propaganda and assured each other that production mattered, but they were crushed utterly by Band of Brothers. Take after the words of House Greyjoy: ‘We Do Not Sow’. Be particularly wary of capital/supercapital producers, who are often wealthy and consider themselves to be above alliance rules. Alliances have no need of ‘industrial wings’, ‘industrial directors’ - none of it.

Leaders are not Nice People: To lead a corp or alliance, you must get people to do what you want in as effective a way as possible. You can be polite - in fact, you should almost always be polite - but if you are actually ~nice~ you will rapidly find yourself in trouble. Nice People do not fire those who are not doing work. Nice People forgive easily. Nice people hire questionable staff to ‘give them a chance’. Nice People listen to their enemies instead of crushing them. The fact is that most humans do not want to be led by Nice People, even if they claim they do - they want proactive, decisive leaders who are cool in a crisis, not a wet-nurse.


Management isn’t easy, but if you follow even a few of these basic guidelines, your corp or alliance in EVE will be a cut above 90% of the organizations in the game. Even a simple tweak such as ‘firing slackers’ and implementing a team structure can revitalize a stagnant group.

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