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Posted Wed, Apr 03, 2013 by ricoxg

Understanding Salvaging

There is no crafting per se in Defiance, but there is a salvaging and weapon modification system. It’s like that old commercial: in Defiance, you don’t make the weapons you use; you make the weapons you use better. To support that feature, some weapons are modifiable, but not all of them.

Defiance Weapons and Salvaging Guide

There are several options you have access to in the salvage menu, but not all of them will be available for a given item.

If you find a weapon that can be modified, it’ll typically come with one mod slot already in it, but you can add more in the Salvage Matrix. Access the Matrix and spend Ark Resources to randomly add mod slots to your weapon. There appears to be one catch, however. You can only add mod slots on a weapon once your ego rating is over 100. Slots that can be added are:

  • Barrel
  • Magazine
  • Sight
  • Stock

One thing that isn’t obvious, which may frustrate you as you try to equip mods, is that each mod you pick up is for a specific type of weapon. (The stats for the module will tell you what that weapon type is.) As you saw above, there are a ton of weapon types, and since mods drop at random, there’s a good chance you’ll spend a lot of time hunting mods for your specific weapons.

Defiance Weapons and Salvaging Guide

TThis sniper rifle has a sight modification slot on it. More can be added in the Salvage Matrix with enough Ark Resources.

The other two things that’ll prevent you from adding a mod to a weapon are EGO rating requirements and having that open slot on the weapon. You gain EGO rating by playing the game, and it’s a sort of general indicator of your power. Gear and mods are restricted to players being over certain ratings. Also, as we discussed, weapons don’t always have the slot you need, so spend Ark Resources in the Salvage Matrix and add modification slots to your weapon. (Just be sure your EGO rating is over 100, or you won’t get the option.)

Not all items can be salvaged. To start, go to the Salvage/Modules screen, hit the Select an Item button and pick an item. Once the item is selected, any possible actions will show up below it.

  • Breakdown to Resources – Break the gear down into Ark Resources
  • Attach Mods – Add mods from your inventory to a weapon
  • Remove Mods – Remove mods from a weapon and destroys them, but leaves the empty mod-slot on the weapon
  • Retrieve Mods – Keeps the mod, but destroys the gun
  • Add Mod Slots – Add a random mod slot to a weapon

Salvaged weapons yield Ark Resources needed for adding additional random mod slots to modifiable weapons. Mods can then be added or removed as desired to customize the weapon.

Now that you’ve got a handle on the basics, you want to know more. Once more into the weeds, dear friends, once more!

ARMS 363 – Advanced Weapon Theory

In the general tips guide, we talked a little about skills for various weapon types, but it’s a little more complicated than that. You can also gain experience in each individual weapon as well. As you use that VBI TACC Auto-Shotgun, it accumulates its own experience, while also increasing your experience in the Combat Shotgun category.

Defiance Weapons and Salvaging Guide

Every weapon sub-type has bonuses that can be gained if used enough.

In this example, the Combat Shotgun skill/category can level up a few times, granting a small 2% bonus to falloff damage at rank two. Those bonuses are set, and will be the same for everyone, every time you get enough experience to unlock that level in the skill. The specific VBI TACC Auto-Shotgun has its own experience bar and once that fills up, it’ll add a random stat boost to the weapon.

While the category bonus is fixed, the bonus for maxing out experience on the specific weapon is random. There has been some talk about resetting weapons so that the player can level it up again. The idea is that you level weapons up hoping to randomly get the specific bonus you’re after, but that’s not a function in the game currently.

Defiance Weapons and Salvaging Guide

Some weapons get a random bonus anyway. This one came with a x1.15 Melee Damage bonus, but it’ll get another random bonus when the experience bar fills up.


As you start getting closer to the end-game, there are going to be some more advanced features you’ll want to pay attention to. One of those features is “synergy.” Think of it like armor sets in other MMOs, but they’re part of weapons and mods in Defiance.

Some weapons come with a synergy applied to them already, but to complete the set and get the bonuses, you’ll need to find mods for the weapon that also have the same synergy. If the weapon or mod has it, you’ll see something under the experience bar for the weapon like:

Synergy: Suvivalist
[2] +2% damage to targets with full health and shields

The number in brackets means you need two items with that synergy for that effect to apply. So either the weapon has a synergy already, or you equip two mods with the Survivalist synergy. Seems simple, but here’s the catch: synergies are random, and appear randomly on mods. You know how hard it is to find the exact mod you’re looking for with the right bonus and that’s made for the weapon you want it on?

Yeah… now wait until you’re hunting for that specific mod with the right synergy on it.

Go Defy Something

So, that’s about it. I hope you’ve found this short guide on weapons and the modification system helpful. Defiance can be pretty tough to figure out when you first get in because it’s a slight departure from the standard MMORPG formula. If you’re new to the game and looking for more information to get started, check out my Tips for the New Player article.

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