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Posted Tue, Apr 09, 2013 by Shayalyn

Working the Large Falls

Large arkfalls will require that you clear all the smaller ones inside the larger circle first. Once they’ve all been cleared, there’ll be an icon showing where the final large fall will take place. You’ll want to head that way, but don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything when you get there. The last fall typically gets marked well before it actually occurs, so there’s time for everyone to get into position.

Defiance Arkfall Guide

The hellbugs you run into during an arkfall are hard to take down, but they’re worth the effort.

The fall will start off with several bits of debris falling in a circle around the marked point. Then, you’ll see a main mob start to work its way out of the ground at the center. This will be the main objective in clearing the fall. There are a few different types of these mobs, but they all have some specifically vulnerable points on them, and that will be what you need to aim for in for the first part of the fight.

As you start to damage these vulnerable points, other elite hellbugs will spawn around the area and start attacking. I usually try to get at least a few shots at all the mobs that are in range so I increase the chance of getting drops, but I focus on hellbugs in my quadrant and try to team up with other players to take them down faster. Periodically however, I’ll make a run around the whole area, collecting up loot because these guys drop fairly well.

Slaying the Hellion

At some point in the fight, the hellion larva will emerge from the hellion, and at that time you’ll want to focus as much fire on it as possible. Killing the larva kills the hellion, and that’s how the fight is ended. I’ve seen the hellion larva behave in a couple different ways. In some arkfalls, it sits on top of the hellion and spits poison at you, but I’ve also seen it leave the hellion and fly around. Either way, focus on it and take it out every time it emerges.

Defiance Arkfall Guide

When the hellion has taken enough damage, a larva will appear above it or fly around. Focus as much fire on it as possible when it does.

A good tactic to use when fighting these hellions is to use a good solid ranged weapon. For example, you might like an assault rifle to engage hellbugs at range and shoot at the hellion’s vulnerable areas, and then you’d switch to something like a shotgun for helping other players with hellbugs in your immediate area. Once you’ve destroyed enough of the hellion’s vulnerable spots to get the larva out, switch to another loadout with a heavier weapon like a rocket launcher or sniper rifle and another type of weapon with an ammo type you’re not using much of (I normally use my pistol) to take the larva down.

Autobots, Loot Up and Roll Out!

As you finish off the hellion, you’ll get several popups with whatever items you were rewarded with and then a screen telling you what additional resources you’ve earned by securing the arkfall. Take a moment to do a final sweep around the area where the fight was in case any other mobs died and left loot while you were fighting the larva.

Defiance Arkfall Guide

Being late to the party doesn’t mean you have to skip it. Join in for even the last part of the fight for some quick loot.

Typically, by the time you’ve finished this sweep, there will be another major fall in the area and all the other players will be pulling vehicles to get to it. If you have time, go along with them for another arkfall. It’s common to get in mid-way on your first one, but then chaining them with all the other players is a great way to get some nice gear and earn a little scrip.

Don’t be shocked if you find something other than bugs at your next one, though. There are other types of fall that attracts all sorts of baddies. Hellbugs seem to be the most common, but I’ve seen mutants and raiders as well. As far as I know, all the major arkfalls are all bugs, or at least that’s the most common by far.

But Wait, There’s More!

Well, no there isn't. I mean there is, but not for this article. Hopefully you’ve gotten some good information out of this quick guide to arkfall. Check out some of our other guides to Defiance if you’re feeling a little lost. The game isn’t completely intuitive, but it’s worth investing the time to get into. Good hunting!

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