Do dreams really come true?

Updated Mon, Feb 25, 2008 by Xerin

They do!

Xerin takes a look back at an interview from December 2005 between a few members of the guild "Lobster Brood". Xerin examines what their wishes for the future expansion was and how things turned out. So take a look back and see how Pandas and Blood Elves in Orgrimmar are slightly related (not).
Recently I was browsing our old interviews looking around seeing how things went long ago. I found one interview that was with three members of the guild “Lobster Brood”. In it was your stereotypical question “what do you want for the future of WoW?”. Three different members of this guild answered this question and what they said… surprising!
Head over to Heal Plz - Do dreams really come true? to find out more!
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