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Posted Mon, Apr 22, 2013 by Martuk

TBD: AI , PvE and added game modes for re launch and future releases

Players can look forward to bots in the April release, although no new PvE game modes will be released for a few more months. The tutorial gives players the option to practice against bots before they try their hand against real players which takes some of the stress off when jumping in for the first time. We have some pretty big plans for PvE in future releases and we are looking forward to giving players the option for a single player mode.

One of the modes we are most excited about is Labyrinth, which we originally had planned for April but decided to put that off in favor of focusing on shipping the game we intended to ship. Labyrinth is a whole new game mode where players get to play the boss and minions in a new take on the classic raid. This adds a whole new variety of play for Forge and we think it will be a very popular addition.

Forge Ravager

Into the future: Building a brand, not just a game

For us, Forge was the opportunity to start a franchise utilizing Steam as the primary platform. No other platform, currently, offers the ability to build something like this from the ground up. Steam is an ideal vehicle for Forge. It allows us to launch a core game and build on it over the course of years, constantly providing fresh new content and giving players a long term experience in a PvP universe. We don’t foresee a Forge 2 and 3, we just foresee a game growing up and evolving with its player base. If we are successful, Forge will be as ubiquitous as WOW but on an entirely different level that doesn’t compete with games like WOW. Valve has done a great job with its own franchises, carving its own PvP niche and we see a future where Forge is the dominant go-to when you are craving combat without the guns and grenades.

-- The Forge Development Team


Forge’s new revamp update goes live and you can play it on Steam through Sunday for free or buy it for 75% off.

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