WoW Patch 2.1 Preview

Updated Mon, Feb 25, 2008 by Messiah

Earlier this week, Blizzard released what may be the biggest set of patch notes yet for the World of Warcraft. The notes are not your standard fare of small changes, tweaks and fixes, instead it appears to be a massive set of additions and changes to the game. So, what are the biggest changes? Here's a sample:
The most anticipated addition has to be the opening of the Black Temple. While many players will never see the inside of this raid instance, it will be the end game goal of every raider out there. Not much is known about the Black Temple other than it was the once home of pit lord Magtheridon, until Illidan defeated him and took over the Temple. It now houses Illidan and his followers and more importantly the Tier 6 Raid armor set and other Epic loot that can only be found there.
For the rest of the important changes check out the full preview here: WoW Patch 2.1 Preview.

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