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By John Hoskin -

Late Edit: After writing my Loading... today I went through my mail to find the following:
Into the Sunset by Niborea of our Vanguard Community.
Niborea's father passed away on Tuesday. Her tribute to him deserves top billing, ahead of any comment I may have on any topic.
There are so many topics to cover in this industry and so little time to do so.
Sony Online Entertainment or SoE as we media piffity-puffity types like to call them, recently announced their Station Access Collection. Not since the Shadows of Luclin expansion (SOL) for EverQuest have gamers had as obnoxious an abbreviated name as the new SAC from Sony. So, here's the deal on SAC. Sony has taken EverQuest Evolutions, EverQuest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, The Matrix Online and Planetside and dropped them into one box for one price. Players can partake in all of those games for one monthly fee. The Station Access pass has been around for a while and many gamers like the option of having a few games at their disposal for one monthly fee.
The problem of course, is that with the possible exception of EverQuest 2 which has its own issues those games are all very old, suspiciously unpopular or unable to make a go of it on their. Hats off to SoE for putting the virtual respirator on these games so that the folks who enjoy them can continue to play.
Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment held their first press conference regarding StarGate Worlds, MMO based on one of the very few television shows that I watch, StarGate SG-1. The game is currently in pre-production, a fancy term for "We're not making it yet." Very little was disclosed at the press conference that would be considered news to anyone who has ever played a MMOG. One tidbit that did catch my eye was that the game would be based on the entire Stargate universe, including the recent addition, Atlantis.
I can't imagine a more open-ended, MMOG perfect setting than the Stargate universe. From the team setup to the premise that each show is about a mission just seems to reek of MMOG. It also breaks from the fantasy enviroment that saturates the current crop of MMOGs. The fact that the Stargate takes them to new and unexplored places should give the creative minds on the project a lot of leeway in creating interesting and challenging areas for players to explore. I'm as excited about the possibilities for this title as I have ever been about any MMO. What do you think? Is there a better backdrop out there than the Stargate universe? You can visit the official forums here.
Comments? Flames? Send them here!

Game Movie: The Great Kodo

Vin Diesel Fact of the Day: Co-Co Puffs go cuckoo for Vin Diesel.

A tribute, a contest, Coyote Sharptongue's debut, three game guides and more.
Today we'll make you laugh and we'll make you cry.
Let us entertain you.
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  • Into The Sunset: A Tribute to Francis Joseph "Joe" Cain

    "Todays content strays from the norm and I hope you will indulge me.
    On Tuesday my father passed away after an extended illness with a rare dementia. Dementia is a nasty illness, claiming ones essense long before taking their life.
    Into the Sunset is my tribute to him, a true "knight in shining armor"
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    "Spring into Auto Assault with Ten Ton Hammer! We have started a brand new contest here at Auto Assault @ Ten Ton Hammer. We call it "Spring into Auto Assault." From February 16th, 2006 until March 1st,
    2006 you have the chance to enter to win all kinds of prizes including a pre-order goodie pack! All you have to do is create your own skill and post it in our forums. It's that simple!"
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Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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