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Posted Mon, May 13, 2013 by gunky

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter

From the Shadows

by TiLT42

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter - From the Shadows

4.5/5 stars, 28,660 reviews

"An ambitious merchant tries to do his part to rebuild Neverwinter, but in the process discovers something that should have remained hidden. Now the fate of the entire Sword Coast hangs in the balance as an ancient, powerful force stirs from its slumber.

"From the Shadows is a campaign heavy on story and challenge. It gives players many opportunities to roleplay their characters. This is no ordinary D&D campaign filled with paper-thin villains and flawless heroes, Instead prepare to face complex enemies you might sympathize with, and allies you might loathe. "

This is actually a campaign - a thematically-linked set of quests that can be done in series or individually. Currently, there are two quests in this campaign, one of which counts for the Daily Foundry mission and one which doesn't.

The first quest, "Act 1: A Hidden Blade" seems to have been written with a Trickster Rogue in mind. There are loads of opportunities for theft and larceny and the use of rogue-related skills. It also serves as an introduction to the campaign's important characters.

Act 2 continues the story, sending the player to an orc-infested haunted mansion in the Tower district. This one seems to be somewhat more balanced for all the classes, not just the Trickster Rogue, and features an entertaining zombie apocalypse near the end.

Visitors from the Underdark

by encaitar29

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter - Visitors from the Underdark

4.5/5 stars, 10,994 reviews

"Young elvish nobleman, Lord Gwendylor Ebonrend goes missing. And not just him but all of his house members. Lord Neverember sends you his request to investigate this matter, as he suspects treason. But maybe there is more than meets the eye in this case, and a far more sinister plot is behind the recent events in the Ebonrend Manor. The future of whole Neverwinter is in your hands..."

The author intends this to be the first act in a multi-quest campaign. It features some intense battles against Drow forces, and some clever use of quest items and visual effects at the end. I found the fights quite challenging on my Trickster Rogue, but the story is entertaining and full of crazy twists. This quest is eligible for the Daily Foundry mission.

Bloody Pit: Unchained v 3.4

by volcxxx

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter - Bloody Pit: Unchained

4/5 stars, 2,112 reviews

"In Vellosk, the Pit Master leads profitable pit fights. Travel to Pit and challenge mighty gladiators and bloody beasts on the sands of the Arena! Be ready to rescue slave girls and destroy slave trade market in Neverwinter!"

This quest has undergone several changes since the first time I tried it during a beta weekend. The original version was very clearly "inspired by" the Spartacus series on Starz, with many of the gladiators bearing names of characters from that show. The author has removed these copyright-infringing details, which apparently hasn't stopped people from trying to get it removed from the Foundry. Despite these troubles, this quest gets consistently good ratings and is eligible for the Daily Foundry mission. 

Of course, there are a great many more player-made missions. This is just skimming the top of the list - more are being made every day, and these new missions are in need of reviews. Explore the ever-growing list, and don't forget to leave a tip!

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Bills tavern. Funny. Best in foundry imo

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