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Posted Fri, May 31, 2013 by Martuk


Over at GamersGate this week is several titles from the Tropico series as well as some old favorites like Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga (2.49), Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition ($9.98) and Baldur’s Gate II: The Collection ($2.49). Additionally a number of adventure titles, point & click adventures, Dracula-based games, and the Still Life series are also available. None of these are too expensive and most are available for under $10 with some less than $5, so give the list a look if you enjoy games of that genre.


New Dante just doesn't have the cool flare of old Dante.

At GameFly this weekend is a relatively short list, but still some discounted and well worth a mention. This includes Fallout: New Vegas ($3.99), one of the bigger discounts thus far for Irrational Games' Bioshock: Infinite ($34.99), Dungeonland ($4.99), and a few others. You can even get Aliens: Colonial Marines ($16.99) if you're a serious glutton for punishment.


We bring our little trip to an end over at Steam this week, where a number of good deals are on the table. If you missed out on the Alan Wake Humble Bundle deal last week, you can pick up the entire Alan Wake collection at Steam this weekend for the extra low price of $4.00. If you like horror-themed games and haven’t tried it yet, that price is well worth it.

Also up for sale this weekend is DMC Devil May Cry ($29.99), The Swapper ($11.24), Serious Sam Complete Pack ($23.74) or individual games for varying discount amounts, Tower Wars ($4,79), Dust: An Elysian Tale ($13.49), and a few others along with discounted pre-orders for Shadowrun Returns ($17.99), DARK ($33.99), Gunpoint ($8.99), and Prime World: Defenders ($11.99).

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