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Posted Wed, Jun 19, 2013 by Sardu

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Best Gameplay 2013

The white whale we regularly chase each year during E3 is gameplay. We play a lot of games during an event on this scale, and while many will leave their hooks in us for different reasons, at the end of the day it's all about the fun factor that solid gameplay provides.

We know that the gameplay for a given title is compelling when our hands-on time leaves us eager to continue the experience long after we’ve left the demo station. This year’s winner was one of the select few titles that fit the bill, and saw us eagerly scampering back to play again whenever time allowed in our busy schedule.

The overall depth of the experience, responsive combat, slick animations, and sheer volume of ways you can interact with the game world made this year's pick an obvious choice.

Ten Ton Hammer's Best Gameplay of E3 2013 Award goes to...

WildStar - Best Gameplay

The team at Carbine has proven that you don’t necessarily have to sink tons of precious marketing dollars behind a game at E3 to make an impact. While the flashing lights and cosplayers in tights can add a lot of show floor ambiance, at the end of the day it’s all about how fun your game is to play.

So what WildStar might not have had in a flashy booth display, it more than made up for with the best gameplay we were able to get our hands on at this year’s E3. Everything from the distinctive setting and art style, to the combat and sheer depth of gameplay options are worthy of high praise.

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gz Wildstar!
It was clear that gameplay is worth applause!
The one thing i don't get why ArcheAge got most innovative award : /

Everquest Next brings back the sparkle that Everquest had when it first came out... It is going to bring back the way we felt when we first made a new adventurer and stepped into the world of Norrath. WTG on a job well done!

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