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Posted Wed, Jun 19, 2013 by Sardu

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Most Innovative E3 2013

Let's face it; as long-time MMO gamers, many of us have grown pretty bored playing the same exact games packaged in different branding wrappers year after year. Deep down we know that MMOs have the potential to be so much more, but given the expense of making one of these games, most publishers and developers tend to stick with the safe bet of iterating on what's proven successful before.

While certain gameplay elements have seen some hefty iteration over the years, we're often hoping that new games will bring us some true innovation in the MMO space. As luck would have it, we were given an excellent preview of one game at E3 this year with aims to achieve exactly that.

Ten Ton Hammer's Most Innovative of E3 2013 Award goes to...

ArcheAge - Most Innovative

Proper sandbox MMOs are only as good as the depth of the toolbox given to gamers, and from what we’ve seen of ArcheAge that box is deeper than any other sandbox MMO we've seen to date. The fact that ArcheAge comes packed with stellar graphics is just icing on the proveribial cake.

ArcheAge offers a true multiclassing system, the ability to turn your back on the major factions and live the pirate's life, or simply live out your virutal days as a humble farmer or trader of goods. These things may sound fairly basic on the surface, but the ways in which you can interact with the world for each are both plentiful and inspiring. Expect big things from ArcheAge once it lands on North American shores.

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gz Wildstar!
It was clear that gameplay is worth applause!
The one thing i don't get why ArcheAge got most innovative award : /

Everquest Next brings back the sparkle that Everquest had when it first came out... It is going to bring back the way we felt when we first made a new adventurer and stepped into the world of Norrath. WTG on a job well done!

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