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Posted Wed, Jun 19, 2013 by Sardu

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Most Anticipated E3 2013

We genuinely look forward to getting our hands on just about every MMO released each year; that's just the kind of major MMO gaming nerds we are around these parts.

However, certain titles simply command our attention above all others to become a staple of many discussions amongst the Team Hammer staff. These will often be the games that inspire cosmic arm wrestling matches to decide who gets to play them at events, and plenty of late night theorycrafting sessions on the possibilities in between. This year's Most Anticipated award goes to a game that we're fairly certain has landed squarely on the top of the most anticipated lists of legions of gamers as well.

Ten Ton Hammer's Most Anticipated of E3 2013 Award goes to...

Elder Scrolls Online - Most Anticipated

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then by the time the cross-platform launch for ESO rolls around in the spring of 2014, it’s probably safe to say that legions of gamers will be enthralled by the next great chapter in Elder Scrolls history.

We've had numerous chances to play the game throughout the year so far, and our hands-on time at E3 only helped solidify Elder Scrolls Online as our most anticipated game following this year's event. In the immortal words of Wesley Willis, ESO whips the llama's ass by offering the best of both worlds: an awesome Elder Scrolls game with all the gameplay hooks that help make MMOs great.

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gz Wildstar!
It was clear that gameplay is worth applause!
The one thing i don't get why ArcheAge got most innovative award : /

Everquest Next brings back the sparkle that Everquest had when it first came out... It is going to bring back the way we felt when we first made a new adventurer and stepped into the world of Norrath. WTG on a job well done!

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