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Posted Wed, Jun 19, 2013 by Sardu

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Best of Show E3 2013

As with most genres in gaming, the MMO industry has largely latched onto a central framework or template that’s become synonymous with MMO gameplay. Over time we’ve seen plenty of iteration on key areas of that template, and witnessed a lot of forward thinking when it comes to everything from combat to questing. However, a true generational leap forward has been a long time coming.

Heading into E3 2013 we knew the competition for our attention would be fierce, as there were a lot of excellent games being shown. However, when it came to selecting our Best of Show recipient, it was abundantly clear from the word go that one title clearly stood out from the crowd.

Ten Ton Hammer's Best of Show for E3 2013 goes to…

EverQuest Next - Best of Show

We’ve been looking forward to EverQuest Next for quite some time now. Even though our expectations heading into our private viewing during E3 were high, EverQuest Next exceeded those expectations on all fronts.

While we are sworn to secrecy on exactly what we were shown, what we can say is that EverQuest Next was hands-down the best game we had the pleasure of seeing during E3 2013. Franchise fans and MMO gamers across the globe will be able to learn exactly why that’s the case on August 2nd during SOE Live when EQNext is given its grand unveiling.

Trust us when we say that you’ll want to mark that date on your calendar, and be prepared to bask in the warm glow of EverQuest Next in all its glory. In the meantime, kudos to the folks over at SOE for winning our Best of Show award; we’re as excited as you are to witness the impact EverQuest Next is surely going to have on gamers this August!

gz Wildstar!
It was clear that gameplay is worth applause!
The one thing i don't get why ArcheAge got most innovative award : /

Everquest Next brings back the sparkle that Everquest had when it first came out... It is going to bring back the way we felt when we first made a new adventurer and stepped into the world of Norrath. WTG on a job well done!

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