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Elder Scrolls Online Races - High Elves

High Elves (Altmer)

History & Lore

Elder Scrolls Online Races - High Elves, AltmerThe Altmer, also known as the High Elves, are tall, slender and golden-skinned elves, with long, pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes. They hail from the Summerset Isles, off the southwest coast of Tamriel's mainland. Unlike the other elf races, the Altmer seek to keep their race physically similar to their ancestors, the Aldmer, by way of highly selective marriage and breeding. They are the oldest race of Tamriel, the first to settle and the first true culture to inhabit the new lands.

As a long-lived race, the Altmer have a particular respect for ancient history - or, at least, for their own. They don't much care for the works of the other, "lesser" races, and the Summerset Isles are all but closed to any non-Altmer. High Elves believe themselves to be the direct descendents of the Aedra, the divine beings that created the realm of Nirn and everything in it. They also have a deep respect for, and inherent talent with, magic - study of magic is one of the cornerstones of High Elf culture, and they have mastered it like no other race of mer or man. They believe in a sort of manifest destiny, and see themselves as the natural rulers in dominion of all of Tamriel.

Their ancient religious beliefs serve as the base for most other religions throughout Tamriel, much as their ancient Mythic-Era dominance continues to influence the language, architecture, politics and cultures of the other peoples of the land.


In all Elder Scrolls games, High Elves are taller than the other races. They usually have golden-hued skin and typically pale hair, with long, pointed ears and almond-shaped, tilted eyes.

In general, they have always had somewhat lower physical attribute scores, and increased mental attribute scores, giving them a natural proficiency with magic but weaker physical combat abilities. Additionally, they usually benefit from specific bonuses to magic - increased Magicka points - coupled with a reduced resistance to damaging magical effects.

Appearances in Previous Games

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