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Elder Scrolls Online Races - Wood Elves

Wood Elves (Bosmer)

History & Lore

Elder Scrolls Online Races - Wood Elf, BosmerThe Bosmer, commonly known as Wood Elves, are small-framed, limber-limbed nature-lovers hailing from the province of Valenwood, the southwest corner of Tamriel. They're not a bunch of hippy-dippy tree-huggers, though - the Green Pact, a religious oath sworn between the Wood Elves and the forest god Y'ffre, dictates that Bosmer may not kill, injure or eat any vegetation. This makes them strict carnivores. They make their famous bows out of treated bone and sinews, they ferment milk to make booze, they smoke caterpillars and grubs instead of tobacco, and they cut no timber for construction. Interestingly, the Green Pact also dictates that a fallen enemy must be eaten within three days. Because of this, many Bosmer arrange periods of fasting and feasting around great battles.

The Bosmer reject lavish lifestyles and civilized formalities, living amongst nature in the great jungle forests of Valenwood. Their major cities are located in giant, migratory trees deep within the forests. They tattoo and paint their faces and bodies as a means of camouflage, and male Wood Elves often grow beards. The other races view them as half-wild barbarians or degenerate thieves, but their society is deceptively complex. It was the Bosmer king Eplear who began the First Era by founding the Camoran Dynasty, which continues to influence Valenwood nearly 700 years into the Second Era. Their union with the High Elves and Khajiit to form the Aldmeri Dominion has resulted in arguably the most stable faction vying for control of Cyrodiil.


Wood Elves are usually shorter and slimmer than the other races, with long, pointed ears and tilted, almond-shaped eyes. Male Bosmer in TES III: Morrowind and TES V: Skyrim can wear beards, which is unusual for elves.

Their small, nimble frames make them well-suited for thievery and archery - they have always had bonuses to certain thievery-related skills, and a significant bonus to the use of the bow. Starting with Morrowind, Bosmer also have the Beast Tongue ability, enabling them  to befriend the beasts of the wild, recruiting them as temporary allies. Wood Elves are somewhat more physically frail than other races, and not as strong, making them less suited for front-line melee combat roles.

Appearances in Previous Games

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