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Elder Scrolls Online Races - Khajiit


History & Lore

Elder Scrolls Online Races - KhajiitThe Khajiit are the feline humanoids from Elsweyr, a southern province of Tamriel. There are 17 different sub-species of Khajiit, the breed determined by the phases of the two moons during the Khajiit's birth. The Ohmes breed are rather elf-like, shorter than Bosmer, and paint their faces in cat-like patterns. The Cathay and Cathay-raht breeds have cat-like, often patterned fur covering their bodies, long tails and feline faces and eyes. The Suthay and Suthay-raht breeds are similar to the Cathay breeds, buthave long, thin cat-like feet and walk on their toes. There are also quadruped breeds of Khajiit, ranging from the Alfiq, which is the size of a housecat, to the Senche-raht, which is twice the height of an Altmer (when standing on its hind legs) and is used as a war-mount by the bipedal Khajiit.

Khajiit culture is nomadic matriarchal, run by Clan Mothers in charge of each clan of tribes. The cities of Elsweyr are semi-permanent and move along the trade routes and around the river basins. They are also heavily influenced by the moons of Nirn, Masser and Secunda.

The Khajiit are fond of sweets, particularly Moon Sugar, a narcotic that is produced in Elsweyr and forms a significant part of the province's economy. Moon Sugar is refined into the drug Skooma, which is somewhat more popular among the non-Khajiit users. Khajiit are largely immune to the narcotic effects of moon sugar, but not to skooma.

The combination of their bestial demeanor, their shifty, nomadic ways and their predilection for skooma give the Khajiit something of a poor reputation among the other races. In Morrowind, Khajiit are often kept as slaves, and they rarely hold positions of any status in most other provinces.


The appearance of Khajiit has changed from game to game, which has been explained by the different moon-influenced breeds. The Khajiit of Elder Scrolls Online will be of the Suthay-raht breed - the long-footed, toe-walking variety seen in Morrowind. 

Despite the appearance changes, Khajiit have always been gifted at thievery, gaining bonuses to several thievery skills. Since Morrowind, they have also had the Night Eye ability, giving them enhanced vision at night.

Appearances in Previous Games

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