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Elder Scrolls Online Races - Nords


History & Lore

Elder Scrolls Online Races - NordsThe great hero Ysgramor gathered a great group of followers from the far-northern nation of Atmora, sailed south and landed on the shores of Skyrim. The new continent was already settled by elves, the native human Nedic people and some previous Atmoran immigrant groups, but the people who would become the Nords carved their new civilization into the cold, unforgiving rock.

The earliest years were more or less peaceful and harmonious, but eventually the native Snow Elves staged a brutal attack on a Nord city in order to halt the humans' expansion, or possibly to capture a source of great power buried beneath the city. The reaction to this attack was swift, furious and terrible - Ysgramor and his army, the Five Hundred Companions, who had fled back to Atmora after the attack, returned to Skyrim and exterminated the Snow Elves, driving the few survivors into underground exile where they transformed into the feral Falmer. The Five Hundred Companions went on to settle across Tamriel, and most modern humans in Tamriel are descended from these people. The Nords ruled most of Tamriel for the first few hundred years of the First Era.

The current Nords of the late Second Era have a long history of savage conflict with all of their neighbors, though they have also proven to be staunch allies during times of strife - such as during invasions from Akavir. They are infamous among their enemies - as well as their allies - for their savage battle-lust and terrifying strength, and for their hardiness against the elements.


Nords are usually pale-skinned and light-haired, and are the tallest humans. They are sometimes depicted with their faces painted in woad, like ancient Celts, but most Nord culture is lifted from northern Germanic cultures - Vikings, Danes, Franks, Saxons and others.

They usually have bonuses to physical stats like Strength and Endurance, with penalties to mental stats. This is usually paired with bonuses to big weapons and some kinds of armor. They don't get a "Berserker Rage" ability like the Orcs, but they still make natural berserkers and "barbarian" type characters because of their proficiency with big axes and (usually) light or medium armor. They also have resistance to cold and frost, which is situationally handy. And contrary to popular belief, they do not all suffer from a weakness to arrows in the knee area - that's specific to town guards.

Appearances in Previous Games

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