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Elder Scrolls Online Races - Dark Elves

Dark Elves (Dunmer)

History & Lore

Elder Scrolls Online Races - Dark ElvesThe Dark Elves, also known as Dunmer, are the ashen-skinned, red-eyed natives of the harsh, volcanic province of Morrowind. They are tough, resilient and intelligent, skilled at both physical combat and magic, but they are also sort of isolationists. They don't get on well with any other races... or the gods.

Originally, they were called the Chimer, and were physically the same as the Altmer but no longer wished to follow High Elf laws and customs. The Chimer left the Summerset Isles and headed to Morrowind, following the lead of a prophet called the Veloth who was working for the Daedric Prince Boethiah. This exodus had a profound impact on elf-kind - the followers of the Veloth eventually became the Dunmer, and the elves who opposed the exodus became the Orsimer (the Orcs). The Chimer took on their current ashen-skinned, red-eyed appearance as the result of a curse from the Daedric Princess Azura for the murder-sacrifice of their leader in order to summon the god to the Red Mountain. Azura decreed that, forever after, their eyes would be as red as volcanic ash, and their skin as black as their hearts.

Dunmer culture in Morrowind is dominated by the Great Houses  and the Ashlanders. The Great Houses are the ruling class of Morrowind, and the six of them jointly run the province. The Ashlanders are nomadic primitives who live in small tent-camps and wander the volcanic wastes. Slavery is a big industry in Morrowind, especially Argonian and Khajiit slaves, and Dunmer religion is markedly different from the Divine-worship religions of the other people. The Dark Elves worship their ancestors, and believe that the three ancestor-gods known as the Tribunal walk the earth and take part in Morrowind politics. Ashlander Dunmer worship the Tribunal plus some Daedra. 

Not all Dunmer are on-board for the alliance with the Nords and Argonians. House Telvanni still raids the Black Marsh for Argonian slaves - an action which threatens to unravel the already shaky alliance of the Ebonheart Pact.


Dark Elves are average height, with typically thin builds. Their skin ranges in tone from dark, dusky grey to deep shades of ashy-green, and their eyes are red. Hair is often dark or red, and males occasionally wear beards.

Dunmer can do well in any class role. They usually have bonuses to bladed weapons, Destruction magic (and a couple of other schools), and some thieving abilities. They are jacks-of-all-trades, the middle-ground that can excel at whatever they put their minds to. Their volcanic homeland gives them a natural resistance to fire, and their ancestor worship gives them special ties to the spirit world - since Morrowind, Dunmer have had an ability to summon an ancestor's spirit to protect them or damage their enemies.

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