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Elder Scrolls Online Races - Argonians


History & Lore

Elder Scrolls Online Races - ArgoniansThe Black Marsh, also known as Argonia, is home to some really strange stuff, not least of which are the Argonians themselves. The intelligent lizard-people live mysterious lives in their ancient, impenetrable swamps, worshiping sentient trees and training as secret assassins. Most other peoples of Tamriel consider them "Beastfolk," regarding them as inferior beings and often keeping them as slaves. 

Argonians are shaped by the extremes of their native environment. The abundance of great inland waterways, still pools and ponds and other bodies of water means the Argonians need to be able to do a lot of swimming. Coupled with their gills, which enable them to breathe underwater, and their powerful tails, this affinity with the water makes Argonians nearly as speedy in the water as they are on the land. Some parts of the Black Marsh are inaccessible to any but Argonians, and Argonian armies are known to bivouac deep underwater. They are natural guerilla fighters, assassins and skirmishers, able to make swift, brutal attacks followed by quick, untrackable escapes underwater. Furthermore, their constant exposure to swamp-born pathogens has strengthened their immune systems considerably, making them resistant to even virulent infections like the Knahaten Flu, which they may or may not have created to infect the invaders that enter the swamps to enslave them. They are not, however, immune to lycanthropy... but they have a special kind of lycanthropy. No other race turns into were-crocodiles.

Very little is known of their culture or lifestyle outside of the Black Marsh. It is known that they hold a close, quasi-religious relationship with the bizarre Hist tree, which grows abundantly there and may possess an intelligent and psychic hive-mind. Argonians drink the sap of the Hist at birth and infancy, and believe that this is how an Argonian earns his soul. It also enables them to speak telepathically to the Hist from which they drank. They are also known to revere Sithis, believing this god to be the creator of all, and any Argonian born under the sign of the Shadow is given to the Dark Brotherhood to be trained in the arts of stealth and contract murder. These Argonians are known as Shadowscales, and their order serves the government of the Black Marsh as royal assassins and problem-solvers.


Argonians have appeared in every Elder Scrolls game so far. They are usually of average height and thin build, with scaly skin in a wide range of colors. Their appearance has changed significantly from game to game - in Morrowind, for example, they had long, bestial feet and walked funky, but in Oblivion they had normal, human-style feet and walked like everyone else. They have had long tails since Daggerfall, and a broad assortment of fins and horns and scale patterns since Morrowind.

In all games with swimming, Argonians have had the ability to breathe underwater, and strong resistance to disease. In Morrowind and Oblivion, they were immune to poison, but in Skyrim, this ability was replaced with the Histskin ability, which recovered health at 10 times the normal rate for 60 seconds. They have also been historically blessed with assassin, thieving or skirmisher type skills. They also come bundled with a handful of magic skills and can excel as wizards.

Appearances in Previous Games

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Elder Scrolls Online Races - Argonian - Daggerfall
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