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Posted Mon, Sep 30, 2013 by Lewis B

Best of Indie – Xenolith 

Similar in graphical style to Comet Crash by Pelfast on PS3, Xenolith sees you pilot a shape-modifying ship. With 3 shapes available to transform into (triangle, square and hexagon) the object of the game mode I played was to match your ship shape to the incoming enemies and projectiles. Match incorrectly and your shield takes damage before you eventually die. Match correctly and you'll score combo points. Addictive and wonderfully presented, Xenolith kept me going back for more. 

Best MMOG – WildStar 

Although traditional in its structure, WildStar is a charming and polished entry into the genre. With fantastic animations and charming race designs, I really hope it does well. The humour is genuinely funny and the game world expansive and deserving to be explored. I do have some concerns about its quest structure, but I'd be willing to forgive it for that when everything else seems so good. With raid content (so desperately lacking in the genre) it has a strong framework for those seeking something more hardcore.


Most Pointless Demonstration – Driveclub 

With only pre-alpha code available, it looked rough and was not worth public consumption. In light of recent footage they clearly have a newer build. This is no stab at Evolution but it really wasn't going to sell itself against the likes of Need for Speed Rivals and Forza 5 (we suspect Sony pushed this onto the show floor). On that premise, why bring it to the show floor? 

Best Local Coop – Android Assault Cactus 

A twin-stick shooter with 4 female assault androids in morphing arenas with waves of enemies, it’s all about blowing things up and chaining combos. The game is full of personality and has some seriously solid animations and sounds. An Alpha demo is available on Steam right now and is well worth a look for anyone who likes score based bullet-hell.


Most Awkward Booth Placement – Battlefield 4 

With crowds being forced to scream for T-Shirts or being stood centimetres away from a 42” TV to play the game (to say it made your eyes blur was an understatement), Battlefield 4 felt generic and predictable. Graphically unimpressive (we weren't allowed to take footage of screenshots) and unfortunately for them, being sat next to the debut product of Respawn Entertainment was never going to end well. Titanfall was a triumph of game ideas over marketing, new tech and IP familiarity. With queues triple that of Battlefield 4, it's clear where player interests lie. 

Biggest Disappointment – The Elder Scrolls Online 

In need of significant polish and improvements in almost all areas, The Elder Scrolls Online was a product I was giddy to play but one that left me bitterly disappointed. With ropey combat and a strange mix of MMOG gameplay coupled to Skyrim, it's hard to know where exactly this product sits. Although the quest system plays well, it isn't enough to hold it together at this time. Here's hoping the build on display at Eurogamer is way behind the internal version.



Kinda weird that someone who said they enjoyed TESO over Wildstar and wanted to play some more TESO, gave the best MMO Game award to Wildstar, while tossing TESO the most Disappointing game 'award'.

Care to elaborate on why you decided to go this route?

Without trying to put words in the author's mouth, he actually had plenty of good things to say about WildStar. He was honest (perhaps brutally even) in his criticisms, but he wasn't ashamed of his hope for the game. Considering TESO has tried to distance itself from even being an MMORPG at times - these factors probably gave WildStar the nod.

Of course I can :)

I went in with high expectations of TESO and in reality, it's a bit of a sloppy mess that's in desperate need of help. I love its art direction and world, but there's very little that captures the feeling of an MMOG or of polished game at the moment. On the flip side, WildStar is super polished and looks incredible. It's a traditional MMORPG that is in a fantastic state in comparison to TESO.

Perspective and a break from the expo also helped as I wrote the awards after much thought.

I highly disagree with Watchdogs being the most forgettable. The 20 + minute demo they showed was fantastic! Yes you hack things with one button but considering how much you can interact with they can't exactly put a mini game in for everything you hack.

Also calling it a reskin of AC is a bit silly as well since the games share nothing in common and has been built from the ground up for the past 5 years.

Note people, Wildstar released an update that said they completely re did the questing system! They're very responsive to what people have to say about the game.

It's really shaping up to be the MMO I've always waited for!

If you wish to look at the updates they're making to the game check their facebook page. I cannot post the webpage here, apparently D:

That sounds really positive, I'll check that out.

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