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Unsurprisingly after the multitude of leaks, the Medic is the final class to be revealed and is a close-quarter brawler that heals as he hurts. Wielding twin Resonaters, these high tech shock paddles can heal and deal damage at the same time. As a medium armor wearer and the only healer class that does, there's a real need to get up close and personal in order to function. When it comes to their "mechanic" the Medic are what's known as Power Cores. Starting combat with 4 full Power Cores, you'll expel this resource while using various skills but have the ability to build it back up through your basic attack (or when you leave combat). As a secondary resource, you'll have Focus that determines how much you can heal and how long for.

Fundamentally, the Medic will focus on fields or "stations" which are objects you put out into the battlefield that provide a variety of effects (whether healing or damage). The skill ceiling on the medic because of this is notably higher as you'll have to coordinate enemies and party members to remain in these static fields and their radius in order to maximize their effects. In many ways the Medic reminded me of the Monk in Dungeon Defenders and the Aura's that they place down during combat. The difference being the fact that much of the Medics telegraphs are diamonds instead of circles. On top of this the Medic will have "Probes" which they can attach to players or opponents that generally support allies or hinder foes, while some can also be detonated. These Probes provide their effects in a burst meaning that you can chain react several of them to maximum effect.

1. Devastator Probe (Detonate burst damage)
2. Repair Probe (Detonate burst heal)
3. Empowering Probe (Offensive buff)
4. Protection Probe (Defensive buff)

Unsurprisingly, the fact you're up close and personal with bosses and enemies as a Medic healer you're really going to have to be aware of where your allies are. Good communication to keep them in range of your heals really will be a must here and all the while ensuring that you avoid telegraphs. In comparison to the other healers in WildStar the medic is fully mobile due to its skirmish, close natured method of play. There's no movement penalty here regardless of the skills you use.


Where the medics innate ability is concerned, they have what is known as "energize". When triggered, you'll become super charged and all spent Power Cores will be recharged with many skills that once cost Power Cores now completely free of charge. For those "Oh Shit!" moments when you need to heal your party quickly, hitting energize really will save the day.

Briefly discussing skills, Carbine let us in on two of the following:

1. Annihilation – AMP ability creates 4 waves that shoot out in front of you. Hit enemies with 4 waves from where you're standing.

2. Gamma Rays – Costs Power Cores to use and fires out 3 projectiles with each dealing damage.

Wildstar Medic

For anyone seeking a heavier style of character but with the ability to really fill a hybrid role, the medic really will suit. Though there's still lots unknown, this Tron-like class (also known as the dub-step healer through the games sound effects) it's certainly one I'm looking forward to the most. The fact it isn't playable as a Chua though leaves me devastated.

To recap:

1. Medium armor
2. The third healing class
3. Acts as a close range melee fighter
4. Comes with an innate Energize Skill to restore Power Cores and make skills free of cost
5. Comes with Probes you can apply to allies and enemies to chain burst effects
6. Wields Resonaters (tech shock paddles)
7. Is able to deploy fields which hinder or help enemies and allies in a variety of telegraph shapes
8. Able to cast every skill on the move without movement penalty
9. Playable as Human, Mordesh, Granok, Cassian and Mechari


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