Time Management for Raiding Guilds

Updated Mon, Feb 25, 2008 by Xerin

In our latest two-part editorial guest writer Ciderhelm takes a look at time management for raiding guilds. How do they get so much done in so little time? This is a very good read if you're looking for an insight into how the top guilds get so much done in very little time.
There's a broad range of what is considered normal and what is considered "over-doing it." This is almost always determined by your server and the top guilds there; on some servers, guilds raiding more than 12 hours a week are considered hardcore players who are throwing their lives away; on others, those same guilds would be considered very casual guilds.
Time Management for Raiding Guilds is perfect for you if you're looking to see how other guilds manage their raiding time.

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