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Mythos has had an interesting history. The game was originally a tech test at now defunct Flagships Studios. Flagship later went belly-up and Hanbitsoft took control of the property and launched Mythos under publisher Frogster back in April 2011. Frogster shut the game down the following October. But it didn’t end there. Hanbitsoft and T3Fun later resurrected the title as Mythos Global. Unfortunately, Mythos is now standing at the precipice of doom once again and is scheduled to shut down for the last time January 22nd, 2014.


Netmarble launched its free-to-play shooter District 187: Sin Streets in NA back in November 2012. But less than a year out on October 3, 2013, Netarble pulled the plug on District 187, just short of its first anniversary and committing a 187 (a police code for murder) of its own.


Bigpoint announced their endeavor to bring a browser-based MMOG following the events of The Mummy Returns movie around mid-2011 with The Mummy Online. The title never managed to unravel itself from beta before Bigpoint sent the Mummy back to his tomb. To be honest, I would be surprised if you had ever even heard of this one as Bigpoint didn’t seem to promote it much, and when the plug was pulled earlier this year, it was done without much fanfare. Once it was all over, the only evidence that it had ever existed, at the time, was in a now deleted Facebook and forum post. I guess The Mummy was just too tightly wrapped for its own good. (no more Mummy puns I promise)

this list made me sad I recalled my Orc character in WAR I played a year ago and it is really sad to lose this game, I was 100 percent sure that if they tried F2P in the time when the old games like LOTRO made it, it would worked for them :( never understood why they didnt come f2p

Games Workshop chose not to let them renew the license.

And that's why I enjoy non-licensed MMORPG titles much more. There's no arbitrary time limit on the license. Granted, that doesn't always keep the game alive, but it does at least eliminate that one big hurdle that could be the one thing keeping it off this list.

:( true, it was a long waiting for Stargate Worlds :(

Oh, don't get me started on that one. =p

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