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Even the charismatic Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl couldn’t save Pirates of the Caribbean Online from sinking down to Davey Jones’ Locker. While the MMOG set in the movie series universe allowed players to create their own pirates and captain a ship, Disney loaded up all of the pirates and sailed them out to sea one last time just before sending the game down to its watery grave on September 19th, 2013.


Acony Games and SOE partnered to launch the reality TV-based shooter Bullet Run back in July 2012. I could make a thousand jokes about how reality TV needs to die, but this game did it instead. After only 8 months after its launch, SOE put a bullet in Bullet Run, sending the shooter to that great reality TV show in the sky. After the closure announcement from SOE, developer Acony Games ceased its own support for Bullet Run and the studio later shut down citing "commercial realities" that "made continued support for it unsustainable."

During its brief stay with us, Bullet Run was criticized as being more pay-to-win than free-to-play and suffered from fairly poor review scores on Metacritic.


One surprise cancellation this year came by way of EA pulling the plug on Command & Conquer. The free-to-play installment of the franchise was set to include all of the Command & Conquer series from Red Alert to Generals all in one online universe. But that didn’t quite work out as planned as EA shuttered developer Victory Studios and shelved the game back in October.

All is not lost, however. After the cancellation, EA confirmed that Command & Conquer will return in the future under a new developer with a new vision. As for this version of Command & Conquer, you can consider it a casualty of 2013.

this list made me sad I recalled my Orc character in WAR I played a year ago and it is really sad to lose this game, I was 100 percent sure that if they tried F2P in the time when the old games like LOTRO made it, it would worked for them :( never understood why they didnt come f2p

Games Workshop chose not to let them renew the license.

And that's why I enjoy non-licensed MMORPG titles much more. There's no arbitrary time limit on the license. Granted, that doesn't always keep the game alive, but it does at least eliminate that one big hurdle that could be the one thing keeping it off this list.

:( true, it was a long waiting for Stargate Worlds :(

Oh, don't get me started on that one. =p

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