Beginner's Guide to Infinity Wars - Page 2

Updated Thu, Feb 06, 2014 by Lee B.


Each card has basic characteristics that we will cover here and get you a basic understanding on how to read each card.

Character Cards

Some cards will be defined as "Unique Characters". You can only have one of these cards out on the field.

Ability Cards

These cards are just use and discard for some quick damage on an opponent, clearing out creatures or some other utility.

Location Cards

These will add an effect to the field that you generally pay some resource to reap some benefit.

Artifact Cards

Artifacts are very similar to Location cards. Generally they change, or add a rule, to the game for whoever plays it.

Unique Cards

Unique Characters cannot be played if you have another Unique Character with the same name on the field, though you can have more than one copy of a unique character.

Unique Ability Cards are cards that are considered so potent that you cannot play another ability with the same name if it is in your graveyard. For instance if you have a Calamity in your graveyard, you cannot play a Calamity from your hand.

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