Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement and Strategy Guide

With less than a week remaining before the culmination of the Battle for Lion's Arch. Now's the time to complete those achievements!


The latest Living World update, Escape From Lions Arch, sees the (almost) culmination of the Scarlett Briar story arc, resulting in the antagonist attacking the capital city of Lions Arch alongside her Aetherblades. 

For existing, returning or new players, it can be a confusing event not only because the primary hub in the game been attacked, but a once peaceful location is now burning and filled with combat events for you to participate in. However, the main things you need to know is that at the heart of all the goings on, its your job to rescue as many survivors as you possibly can (to do this, you simply need to interact with any Citizens that you encounter). 

It’s important to note that Escape from Lions Arch is a cyclical event which means that it begins at a set time (around 4 minutes past the hour, every hour) and concludes at around 50 minutes past. Alongside this, at around the 40-45 minute mark, several events will trigger with these appearing only once throughout the cycle.

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There are a total of 3 entrance achievements available before the event officially starts. At 4 minutes past the hour, as noted above, you should stand outside one of the following Waypoints:

  • Cornucopian Fields Waypoint (Gandarran Fields) - “The Northern Gambit” 
  • Archen Foreland Waypoint (Bloodtide Coast) - “Breach From the Beach”
  • Just South of Durmand Priory Waypoint (an Asuran Gate in Lornars Pass) - “Cold Comfort”

At 4 minutes past groups of Aetherblades will descend from the sky. It’s your job to kill them and break their morale. Dependant on the number of players with you, it takes around 3 minutes to complete and dependant on which event you participate in, will provide you with one of the 3 achievements above. To obtain all 3, you’ll need to participate in 3 Escape from Lions Arch events. Once you’ve completed an event, you can now enter Lions Arch. 


Escorting NPC's

Once inside Lion’s Arch, it’s likely the first events you’ll encounter are escort based, with 2 achievements available for completing them:

  • “Please Follow Me to the Exit”
  • “All Bets are Off”

For the “Please Follow Me to the Exit” achievement, you need to complete the following escorts:

  • Children
  • Black Lion Dolyak
  • Ogres
  • Racing Moas
  • Lighthouse Workers
  • Lawson Marriner

It makes no difference as to which you complete first but you need to complete all the escorts to obtain the achievement. It’s probably best to start with the easiest, which tends to be the Children and Dolyak, simply because that’s where most people start from and so you have more people to help you. Both the Children and Dolyak escorts begin from the Traders Forum.


For the Ogres and the Lighthouse Workers, you’ll need to head to the East and South West of the map (the Postern Ward area and Lions Gate area, respectively). These are both more difficult than the Children and Dolyak escorts because they move quicker and as they’re further away from the entries into Lion’s Arch, there is the likelihood of less players to help you out. 


The Racing Moas and Lawson Marriner occur towards the final minutes of the Escape from Lions Arch event (around 40-45 minutes past the hour). The Racing Moa occurs where the race track used to be (east of Deverol Island) and Lawson Marriner occurs at Commodore’s Manor. 


Lastly, to achieve the “All Bets are Off” achievement, you need to secure the safe passage of all 7 Moa.

Location Defending

There are 4 defensive based achievements available: 

  • “Traders Forum Triumphant”
  • “Fort Marriner Fighter”
  • “Postern Ward Protector” 
  • “Triple Play”

Throughout the Escape from Lions Arch event, various shield icons will appear on the map around the Traders Forum, Fort Marriner or Postern Ward. These typically means that the location is under attack (though they share the same icon as escort!) and will happen around every 4 to 5 minutes. Achievements are awarded for completing each defend event (at each location) but you only need to participate in a single event at said location to obtain the achievement, as long as they all succeed.

It should be noted that defend events will not begin if Scarlet's forces are holding encampments, and if you see a set of crossed swords at any of the three locations (Traders Forum, Fort Marriner or Postern Ward) that denotes that a defend event has started and failed.


To earn the “Triple Play” achievement all 3 location defending events need to succeed during an evacuation cycle. 

Miasma Events

During the Escape from Lions Arch event, the 3 factions we’ve encountered previously during Living World (Molten Alliance, Aetherblades and Krait) will appear, across 3 areas of Lions Arch. When they arrive, they’ll attempt to release a cannister of Miasma (poison to you and I). It’s your job to stop them from doing this. The achievement you’re chasing here is “Triple Threat”.

The 3 spawn locations for the factions tend to be:

  • Aetherblades spawn near to Dermond’s Dig site and make their way towards the beach.
  • Krait spawn near to Deverol Island and drop the Miasma in the middle of it.
  • Molten Alliance tend to attack around Fort Marriner to the east and west of it.

They’re easily identified on the map by their crossed swords, underlined by a chain.


For best practice, It’s much more effective if you and small groups of players take on these events due to Guild Wars 2’s scaling system. If too many people flood the events, they become super difficult and you may run out of time. Molten Miasma is without doubt the most difficult and it’s primarily because of the area of effect fire rings, which can kill in seconds. Completing all 3 events awards the “Triple Threat” achievement.


As mentioned at the very beginning, at around 40-45 past the hour, bosses will begin to spawn. Thankfully they always spawn in the same locations:

  • Elite Aetherblades (Grand Pizza)
  • Champion Molten Berserker (Fort Marinner)
  • Champion Toxic Wurm (Postern Ward)

It’s likely you’ll have to participate in Escape from Lion’s Arch several times to tag all 3 bosses. Doing so will grant you the following achievements:

  • “Aetherblade Broken” (Aetherblades killed)
  • “Melted and Muted” (Molten Berserker killed)
  • “Antitoxin” (Wurm killed)

Additional Achievements

“Memories in your Hands” is earned through locating 30 Heirlooms scattered around Lion’s Arch (in rubble piles). They either drop from Scarlets troops or Bags of Alliance supplies. The quickest way is to find the rubble, with 40 available in Lion’s Arch (see image). Please note you can farm the rubble once daily.


Tips and Strategy

  • Completing events rewards you with citizen’s. It’s in your best interests to complete as many as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Triple Play provides +5 citizens per event, as well as a bonus of +35 citizens.
  • Each escort provides +5 citizens.
  • Champion kills provide +10 citizens.
  • There are a variety of “Procs” that you can earn around certain locations, which can be used alongside your standard food that provide a 30 minute combat boost:
  • Vigil Valiance is obtained by defending Trader’s Forum.
  • Priory Aethershield is obtained by holding Postern Ward.
  • Quickness of Whispers is obtained by securing Fort Marriner.
  • Completing Escorts provides you with a variety of bonuses or benefits. For example, escorting Ogres will grant you a recipe for Utility Feast or if you rescue the Moa’s, you’ll gain a speed buff.
  • Utilise the maps already in existence for Heirlooms and Citizens. Our Heirloom one is above, but Rainwhisper over on Reddit made a fantastic version for citizens.
  • Utilise Potions of Slaying Scarlet’s Armies. They provide a boost against the enemies you’re facing and are as little as 4 copper on the Trading Post. 
  • Leave Feasts and Banners at the 3 entrances into Lion’s Arch so players are well buffed
  • If you have a Commander tag, make sure you use it and try to spread yourself away from the roaming groups - Escaping Lion’s Arch is better when players aren’t all congregated in one area.
  • Try to locate all the Citizens - this is an easy boost for your total.
  • Don’t create a too bigger group of players when completing the dynamic events as the enemies you face will scale in power and make your job much harder.
  • Ensure you’ve got swiftness or speed buffs at the ready (these are also available in entrances) as you’ll need to quickly move around the map. You can also use several Waypoints within Lion’s Arch but these will cost you money.
  • The number of citizens you can rescue (for maximum rewards) is 1,200 - you should aim for this for the best rewards.
  • Earning 1,200 Citizens rescued gives you the Ultimate Citizens Rescued Bag, this has a chance to provide you with some of the following:
  1. Jet Pack
  2. Monacle
  3. Rebreather
  4. Dragon Coffers
  5. Sentinel Armor
  • If you’re part of a guild, try to help with the coordination and split your players so that they can cover different areas of Lion’s Arch.
  • Remember that the Battle for Lion’s Arch can be repeated every hour, at 4 minutes past the hour. You will need to be outside of the city at one of the 3 Waypoint’s to get back in. 

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