Interview with Machinima author

Interview with Machinima author
Interview with Machinima author
Warcraftchicks has conducted an interview with Baron Soodson, one of the WoW machinima authors who's done a considerable amount of WoW movies!
SC: So Baron, what got you first interesting in making Machinima?
BS: It was a Blackwing Lair PvE raid movie called "A Few Good Men: Rite Of Passage" by Devlin. When I saw it, I thought "Whoa! I want to get me one of those!". So a few weeks later, my first WoW movie about a Molten Core raid was born. A bit later I tried to do an actual machinima (called Twill For The Kill). I can't actually tell what movie made me do real machinimas instead of PvE-movies, but I think it's the thing that I've always wanted to do - movies of my own.

To check out the whole interview, click here to go to Warcraftchicks's site!

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