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Updated Thu, Jun 19, 2014 by Lewis B

UI Basics

Although the current WildStar UI that you’ll use is temporary (a new one will be available at launch) you’ll need to understand the quirks of it. In the picture below you’ll see the typical UI pyramid with slot skills along the bottom and above that a green and blue bar. The main things you’ll need to know are:

  • The skill marked with an “R” is your classes innate ability. These are on cooldowns and once triggered will need to recharge. If you see on your innate ability the little arrow above it (as pictured below), it means access to other skills are available. This tends to be on the Warrior, Engineer and Stalker.


  • The purple circle is your dash counter. You can dash twice before it is depleted and you will need to wait until it recharges before you can dash again. Unlike dodging in Guild Wars 2, dashing does not make you immune to damage,@ it is simply a way of avoiding telegraphs and gaining distance from your enemies. 


  • The green and blue bar is your health and shield. Your shield acts as a barrier to the damage you receive and will save your life if you keep it topped up. Although attacks against you hurt both shield and health, your shield will recharge given time. It’s important to keep an eye on your health and shield, especially in PvP, to stay alive as long as possible.

Health and Shields

  • In WildStar you can only equip a total of 8 skills at any one time, with skills 9 and 10 restricted to Gadgets and your Path skill. As you level up you’ll unlock more skills which you can place on your bar. Be aware that you cannot freely move your skills but will have to set them from your skill window. It should be noted that your first skill tends to be your “auto-attack” but unlike other games in the genre, you have to manually trigger your skill instead of letting the game do it for you. 


  • To the lower left left of the screen there are a further collection of icons. These provide access to your character, skills, battlegrounds, mail and everything in between.


  • Lastly (clockwise in the image below) is the map in the upper right hand corner, your Path missions and quests in the lower right and your chat box in the lower left. 


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Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Lewis B
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