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Questing & Crafting


Questing in WildStar functions very similarly to other games in the genre, the difference however is that you can often claim your rewards and hand in your quest via mobile telephone. This not only saves you a considerable amount of time but also allows you to continue questing easily. Typically, questing involves gathering, collecting, killing or escorting and provides the majority of your experience that you’ll need to level up. To pick up a quest just speak to an NPC with an “!” above their head. Quests received appear across the right hand side of the screen and can be tracked or deleted. As far as tips are concerned for leveling, I’d simply recommend that you group with friends or random players to make process quicker and more fun. I’d also also recommend you try to gather up and complete your quests all at once, in a single area. 

Where crafting is concerned this opens up at around level 10 and you’ll be required to run a couple of quests to get started. There are a total of 9 tradeskills:

  • Weaponsmith 
  • Armorer
  • Mining 
  • Outfitter
  • Survivalist
  • Technologist
  • Architect
  • Relic Hunter
  • Tailor

Alongside this, there are two hobbies which you can undertake (Cooking and Farming) that you can have alongside your tradeskills. What I will add is that crafting in WildStar is both time consuming and relatively complicated and requires significant understanding to get the most out of it. On that basis, I’d sincerely recommend you head on over to WildStar Fans and take a look at their crafting guide which is not only packed with information but wonderfully displayed.



When you reach level 6 you can access Battlegrounds. To join them, simply hit the Battleground button along the top menu and press the queue button. You’ll be able to see how long is remaining on your queue and when you’re able to join, a popup will appear in the middle of your screen. When participating in Battlegrounds, you’ll earn rewards at the end of each match in the form of Prestige and currency, with the side that wins earning additional bonuses. You can redeem your PvP currency for items and equipment in each factions respective capital city. In terms of game modes and battlegrounds, there’s two available:

  • Walatiki Temple (Level 6+ Smash and Grab)
  • Halls of the Bloodsworn (Level 15+ Hold the Line)

Smash and Grab is a capture the flag game mode with the exception that there are multiple flags while Hold the Line is a sort of tug of war, defend/capture mode (my personal favourite). 

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