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In Battlegrounds, the rallying system treats the character as it is the max level of the bracket (so for 6-14 Walatiki, you’re considered level 14) for the purposes of scaling base attributes, health, player abilities, and gear. All stats on items are scaled with the player’s level, through adjustments in the item’s available power. This is so we preserve your stat distribution on your gear while keeping power level appropriate.

PvP Defense: provides a percentage based mitigation against player sourced damage. Players have a natural amount of PvP defense before item bonuses are calculated in. PvP Offense: counters a percentage of the target’s PvP Defense. This is basically a form of PvP strikethrough.

Bunyz12: Any chance for a low gravity PvP map where you jump alot higher? You could put all sorts of jumping areas in it to make it challenging for people to move around.

CRB_Kevinlee: I actually prototyped a low gravity battleground a few years ago and what I found out is that low gravity is awful for PvP. It didn’t lend itself well to combat … or moving in general.

EntropicTempest: Are there any game modes for battlegrounds that you looked at that didn't quite make the cut, or are there any game types that are being considered down the road?

For Arena's, how long would an 'ideal match' last for among similarly skilled and geared players?

I know the AMA topic was over battlegrounds and arenas, so I don't know if World PvP is your domain or not, but…

What kind of incentives do you plan to put in place to encourage players to participate in large scale WPvP? Will there be any incentive to raid capital cities of the opposing faction?

CRB_Bardic: We actually had 21 designs for battleground gameplay. CRB_KevinLee was very busy early in WildStar development! Some of these had grey map layouts (and several versions of them). Only a few made it to the actual prototyping stage.

The ones we ended up choosing for launch (which evolved into Walatiki and Halls) were ones that we had in a scripted and playtest-able stage with a couple of different map layouts. We’ve set aside a few other gameplay designs from the pool to use post launch. Those designs have been or will be adjusted based on player demand/desire as well.

For Arenas, the match times in beta have been around 5-6 minutes long, on average. In general, we feel this is a pretty good average duration! There have been matches that stretch almost to the end of the match limit (30 minutes), but it hasn’t been a common occurrence.

For open world PvP, we intentionally did not place much emphasis on open world PvP since we wanted to find where players naturally gravitated and what PvE content encouraged fighting. Post launch, we’ll take this knowledge to potentially enhance these areas.

Lividhatter: What benefits do you see with pvp specific stats?

CRB_JTal: PvP stats allow us to easily and quickly tweak PvP balance from an itemization standpoint without causing collateral damage to PvE itemization and balance. It also allows us to keep PvP item progression in-line with PvE item progression without having them bleed into each other or have issues where PvP gear is better than Raiding gear or vice versa. PvP gear will be better for PvP and PvE gear will be better for PvE.

Birdboy272: Do you have a pvp team?

CRB_TonyRey13: Yes we do!

CloseoutTX: A) Many people are incredibly butthurt upset with the recent change to PvP offense/defense on gear. The biggest fear is that any gear earned through PvE will be neigh useless in a battleground. In a PvP setting, what would the true damage difference be between a gear equivalent PvE geared player vs their PvP geared counterpart (Assuming they just sat there slugging it out with the same abilities).

B) I have been led to believe that the absolute top end PvP gear will be from Warplots. While I think his is fantastic game type I am curious as to why it would come from Warplots vs the highest Arena echelon. I believe getting such a large force assembled and working together deserves fantastic gear and definitely above the average arena player. But it is my belief that PvP with the largest focus on individual skill should reward the BIS PvP gear.


CRB_JTal: The damage difference can vary based on the tier. At the top tier, the true damage difference between a fully geared PvP player and a fully geared PvE player (when attacking each other) is close to 65%. It is a pretty significant difference. The highest tier of PvP gear is available from both Warplots and Arenas.

Snappypants: World PvP Objectives: Any plans for post launch? Keeps or territory control or something? I've already seen the "we'll see where people pvp first" replies, got anything solid in the planning stages at all?

Cross Faction Chat (/say, /yell): Any chance to enable this on pvp servers?

The Third Battleground: How long will it take to get this in after launch?

CRB_Bardic: We can’t disclose our post launch plans yet, as we’re still refining said plan! Keep your eyes peeled though. We may have updates for you when we get closer to launch.

That out of the way, our third battleground has been tested internally pretty thoroughly and we’re enjoying the heck out of it. We hope you’ll like it too :)

As for cross faction chat, the current implementation is staying (no communication across factions). However, we do value your feedback on it – we’ve had many discussions internally on this topic.

Renzor_PT: So is MOBA battleground a future idea? What other sort of unique ideas, like SWTOR huttball, would you guys like to implement (like not that you will).

CRB_KevinLee: I can’t go into specifics about future BG’s, but I can tell you that we do draw inspiration from many different games/genres (like MOBA’s). The intent, of course, is to continue to deliver battlegrounds with unique mechanics and “twists” on old favorites.

Nocternal80: What will be the difference between PvP gear and PvE? Will PvP gear be viable for PvE or will we need to invest in two sets?
CRB_JTal: PvP gear uses two PvP stats: PvP Defense and PvP Offense. Defense reduces the damage you take from other players and Offense penetrates your target’s Defense. 50% of the item budget goes to these two stats. Because of this, PvP gear can be used in PvE but will be at a significant disadvantage (50% stats) compared to Veteran quality or Raid quality gear. Alternatively, PvE gear can be used in PvP but will also be at a significant disadvantage compared to PvP gear. You will likely want to acquire two sets of gear if you wish to be competitive in both aspects of the game.

Toiks: For people who will like mostly PVP how are you gonna do the gear progression in PVP?

CRB_JTal: Our gear progression for PvP is as follows: When you reach level 50, there is a Dungeon-quality Blue set for each class (faction specific) that you can purchase right away with our PvP currency, Prestige. The next tier of PvP gear is a Veteran-quality Epic set for each class (also faction specific), you will need both Prestige and personal Rating in either Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas (any bracket), or Warplots. The final tier of PvP gear is a Raid-quality Epic set (again, for each class/faction specific), you will need both Prestige and a high personal Rating in either Rated Arenas or Warplots.

Willagon: Why did you go with the 'Team Revive Pool' instead of the standard Arena format of one life per player?

Is there only the one map for Arena? If yes, why?

CRB_KevinLee: 1) I initially prototyped the life pool as part of a bg and later applied it to the arena to account for the fact that our kill times were very short (this was before the class team started balancing for pvp). Because the kill times were so short, we couldn’t get any meaningful playtest geared toward getting map feedback. After it was added we found that the life pool added a lot of interesting elements and allowed more tactical arena play.

2) Yes. What I can say is that I have been working on post launch Arena’s/BG’s content for a few months, so fear not.
ReconerX: What do you think it is that delineates Wildstar's PvP from other MMO PvP systems? What makes Wildstar's "special"?

CRB_Bardic: I think our combat system is the major bit that makes WildStar PvP awesome. Telegraph play and movement (double jumping, dashing, sprinting) play a major part in how we design WildStar PvP experiences. It’s also really fun – clashes feel frenetic (aiming, movement) and combat requires more skill than in other MMOs. I also like our limited action system. The choices when going into Arena feel more deliberate and strategic (working with your teammates to complement abilities).

EmeraldEtan: How do you plan on keeping open world pvp functional while keeping gear discretion? Swtor had an issue where pvp stats did not apply in open world. How do you have this setup?

CRB_JTal: PvP stats function in both instance PvP and the open world.


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