LotRO Community Manager Interview

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Get to Know the Lord of the Rings Online Community Manager!

Visitors and members of the official forums know her as Patience, the aptly named community manager for Turbine’s The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ (LOTRO). I managed to snag Meghan Rodberg for an interview to discuss her personal history, and her work with Turbine. She shares her thoughts on the game and the community, as well as a few small crumbs about her experiences in the closed LOTRO beta.

The Shire is definitely my favorite stomping ground. ItÂ’s
nearly complete at this point, and I just love the mood it evokes. It
feels like the Shire. My hairy little hobbit feet feel right at home
there, and the quests are very creative. I do have a favorite NPC, but I
donÂ’t want to spoil anything by saying who it is.

We have Patience to help us get through LotRO's internal beta, and you can check out the interview at LotRO - TenTonHammer!

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