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Welcome to the 771st Edition of Loading...
Welcome to the 771st Edition of Loading...

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Congratulations to the "Be Mine, Land Mine" Contest winners.

"Darammer: Grand prize - khaki bio-hazard vintage bag and an Ultra Force® black wool beret.

Pitroid & Blight: Second place winners - each get an Ultra Force® black wool beret"

My four hours behind the wheel in freezing rain will be worth it as long as my flight isn't cancelled in the morning. Watching the vehicles around me careening and cavorting into the ditches like a drunken mechanical marching band was entertaining in a "don't hit me on your way to the 911 call" kind of way. That is behind me now as I wait to see if my 8:30am flight will be exterminated by the weather police. Assuming the poltergeists that are haunting GDC allow my flight to leave Toronto tomorrow I will be in San Francisco, getting you the tasty bits, by 1pm Pacific.

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